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  1. Protests Take Turn for Worse in Bahrain

    Monarch calls for peace following violent crackdown

  2. Chaos in the Streets of Bahrain

    Report: Soldiers fire into crowds of protesters

  3. Protests Turn Violent in Bahrain , Yemen

    Police crack down on demonstrators

  4. Protests Pop Up Across Middle East

    Did Egyptian revolt inspire protests in Bahrain , Yemen and Iran

  5. Middle East on Brink of Collapse?

    Violence spirals out of control in Libya , protests continue in Iran

  6. Unrest Spreads in Bahrain

    Protestors continue to demand reform

  7. Saudi Arabia's Position In The Middle East Unrest

    Michael Ryan of The Jamestown Foundation discusses Saudi Arabia's position given the recent unrest in the Middle East

  8. Iran Factor in Libya Chaos

    What message would U.S. action send to Iranian government?

  9. Protests Continue Across Middle East

    How should regional governments respond to recent uprisings?

  10. New Questions About Arab Participation in Libya Mission

    Dr. Walid Phares on Arab League's mixed messages when dealing with Libya

  11. Should U.S. Impose No-Fly Zone on Libya ?

    Panel's take on the implications it can have on American foreign policy

  12. Bahrain's Unfolding Unrest

    Guy Benson and Janice Handler weigh in on what is next in the Middle East

  1. Protests Spread to Bahrain

    KT McFarland on the latest round of uprisings in the region

  2. Saudi Forces Sent to Bahrain Despite U.S. Warnings

    What does this mean for American influence?

  3. Biggest Threat: Unrest in Jordan, Syria, Bahrain or Yemen ?

    Mayhem in Mideast poses challenges to U.S.

  4. Bahrain Protesters Call for Toppling of Monarchy

    Authorities clamp down on pro-reform crowds

  5. Violent Protests in Arab World

    Clashes in streets of Bahrain , Yemen , Libya and Iraq

  6. Violent Protests in Arab World

    Clashes in streets of Bahrain , Yemen , Libya and Iraq

  7. Breaking Down Middle East Protests

    Unrest spreads to Iran, Libya , Yemen , and Bahrain

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