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  1. Exclusive: Daniel Hannan's New Book

    Member of European Parliament warns America is on path to European-style socialism

  2. Ethics of Health Care

    Bioethicist Dr. Arthur Caplan tells Alan why he believes we have a moral obligation to provide health care for all

  3. 'Barack Like Me'

    Actor David Alan Grier previews his new book

  4. Japanese People Banding Together

    Crisis brings out the bests in Japan

  5. Around the World

    Somali pirates get taste of their own medicine; Vatican City prepares for Christmas

  6. Britain Changing Health Care System

    Prime minister cites cost, red tape, management control

  7. Iran's Strategic Movements In The Suez Canal

    Panel on Iran's recent movements in the Suez Canal and seeming encirclement of Israel

  8. Around the World : Shark Attack in Australia

    Great white shark nearly capsizes fishing boat

  9. Taking the Fight to Beijing

    Fight Game: U.S. Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier sees gold in his future, suspects MMA is the future of wrestling

  10. Around the World : Train Plows Into Netherlands Town

    Automotive hurtles off track, smashes into village square

  11. Tax Hikes Ahead?

    Dick Armey and Ron Paul say you will be footing the bill for Obama's stimulus plan

  12. Review: Saturn Astra 3-Door XR

    FOX Car Report drives the street legal immigrant

  1. Chaos in the Department of the Treasury

    A look at the corruption within the Department of the Treasury

  2. Duke of Windsor Weds

    FOX Movietone News: Duke of Windsor weds in exile

  3. Can Congress Curb Out-of-Control Spending?

    Federal government spending millions on neon signs, video games

  4. Gadgets and Games: 12/4

    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests discuss the CrunchPad, Verizon vs. AT&T, and the future of Hulu

  5. Out of his Depth!

    Lt. Col Ralph Peters feels Obama doesn't know enough about the military or the Middle East to be President.

  6. Around the World

    Seventh day of riots in Athens; protests in Mumbai

  7. Breaking Down the Bernanke Vote

    Does it really matter who Fed Reserve chairman is?

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