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Aron Ralston

Domestic violence charges against hiker who inspired '127 Hours,' Aron Ralston , reportedly dropped

The domestic violence charges against Aron Ralston, the hiker who was forced to amputate part of his own arm to free himself from a boulder under which he'd been trapped, have reportedly been dismissed.Ralston was arrested Sunday on allegations of domestic violence.According to, court records showed that Ralston, 38, was booked into the Denver County Jail on misdemeanor charges of assault and wrongs to minors.  Police say he and his girlfriend, Vita Shannon, got into an altercation.Police said the second charge is used when children are present during an incident but not necessarily hurt. Police documents say their 8-week-old child was present at the time of the alleged altercation.There was no indication the infant was hurt. Family members said Shannon's mother has been caring for the child since the couple's arrest.The documents had alleged Shannon struck Ralston twice in the back of the head with her fists and that he shoved her as she was leaving her apartment. The documen...

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