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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brangelina Rumor Mill

Grande Dame of Dish weighs in on the Brangelina split rumors

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    Lady Gaga eyes the silver screen; John Stamos is immortalized and Hollywood Nation enters the 'Twilight' zone

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    Courtney Friel gets the goods from gossip titans Liz Smith and Perez Hilton

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    Tyra Banks: pinhead or patriot?

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    2008 Golden Globe nominations announced

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    Carrie Underwood's Christmas special on Fox, Brangelina political again, Marvin's advice to Tiger Woods

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    Katie kicks Tom's family to the curb; Bono and Brangelina are family, and Springfield is in love!

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    Two more little ones for Brangelina

  4. Pricey Pictures

    Bidding war begins for first photos of Brangelina twins

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    Lindsay Lohan wants more, Robert Pattinson sees his reflection and Brangelina order out

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    Brangelina to adopt again, a scandalous Madonna tell-all by her brother, and funny money in Congress uncovered

  7. Hollie on Hollywood: Helping Japan

    What is Hollywood doing to help Japan?