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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

'View' host sounds off on new administration

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  1. 'Head Games'

    Greg Proops hosts new game show

  2. Ludacris Backlash

    Obama rejects rapper's offensive rhymes

  3. Gov. Blagojevich 'On the Record'

    Embattled governor talks to Greta about his impeachment, media blitz and more.

  4. Hate Mail

    Whoopi Goldberg : Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets most death threats on 'The View'

  5. Funnyman Free Pass?

    Bernie Goldberg on media coverage of Letterman scandal

  6. Former Salahi Publicist Slams Couple

    Former publicist for party crashers has fiery exchange with couple's lawyer in an 'At Large' exclusive

  7. Tear-Jerking 'View'

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck cries on the 'View' in a discussion about the use of the n-word

  8. Hot-Button Issue

    N-word debate back in spotlight after Jesse Jackson's remarks

  9. Ingraham's Take on 'View' Shoot-out

    Radio show host on O'Reilly vs. Whoopi and Joy

  10. Shopper's Market: Broadway Bonanza

    Great White Way pulling out all the stops for 2011

  11. Race Relations!

    Geraldo Rivera's 'View'!

  1. What Trump Wants to Hear from Obama on Libya

    Real estate mogul weighs in

  2. Donald Trump in No Spin Zone, Part 2

    Real estate mogul discusses birth certificate brouhaha

  3. Not 'Rape-Rape'

    Did Whoopi Goldberg really defend molester Polanski?

  4. NYT: Leaked Military Info Is 'of Significant Public Interest'

    Bernie Goldberg on potential damage from leaked U.S. war documents

  5. Children For Obama?

    Panel on elementary school students singing song to president

  6. Who's Afraid of Bill O'Reilly?

    'View' co-hosts bolt from set during New York mosque debate

  7. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    Part 2: 'The View' co-host's take on Michelle Obama's appearance