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Paris Hilton

More women choosing canines over kids

Study shows drop in babies being born, rise in dog ownership

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  1. Break Time: Paris Hilton celebrates her birthday sans underwear

    Welcome to Break Time! While you spent your weekend relaxing, it seems many celebs spent their time misbehaving. Here's what you may have missed from around the web:...

  2. Joanna Krupa vs. Paris Hilton : Who looked sexier going commando?

    As we’ve seen with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jaimie Alexander, sheer-paneled cut-outs are totally on trend right now, and Paris Hilton and Joanna Krupa are the ...

  3. Paris Hilton now DJ’ing

    WSJ Celebrity Business Reporter Lee Hawkins on the business empire Paris Hilton built marketing her celebrity.

  4. Paris Hilton Goes to Mecca

    The Weekly Standard’s Kelly Jane Torrance on the opening of Paris Hilton ’s handbag store in the Middle East.

  5. Break Time: Paris Hilton building a dream house for her dogs

    Welcome to Break Time! We know you're really wrapped up in this Justin Bieber drama, but here are the other stories you shouldn't be missing:Paris Hilton has so much...

  6. Paris Hilton in alleged lesbian makeout session before boyfriend River Viiperi arrested

    Paris Hilton made out with another girl at a nightclub in Vegas early Monday morning, and moments later, her new boyfriend was arrested for battery, at least that's ...

  7. El novio de Paris Hilton es acusado de agresión en Las Vegas

    El novio español de 21 años de Paris Hilton fue multado tras una pelea con otro hombre en un club nocturno de Las Vegas.El modelo River Viiperi fue multado por el de...

  8. Kendall Jenner: Real model or just a famous face?

    Kendall Jenner is walking some serious runways.Jenner flew way under the radar in February at New York Fashion Week."Kendall was unrecognizable. No one backstage kne...

  9. Paris Hilton's eye-rolling remark about 'working hard': Who's the most out-of-touch celebrity?

    Paris Hilton likes her stuff... and she works hard for it, too! Er, what? Her words, not ours.The famous heiress opened up her home, which is also featured in the up...

  10. What’s the deal with Lena Dunham?

    The Hollywood and Vine panel weighs in on Matthew McConaughey, Lena Dunham, Bruce Jenner and Les Miserables.

  11. Paris Hilton releases new single with Lil Wayne

    Socialite records 'Good Times' with rapper

  12. Paris Hilton helped out Sofia Coppola with ‘Bling Ring’

    “Coppola” and “Hilton” are two of the most instantly recognizable names in Hollywood.Sofia Coppola, award-winning director, daughter of “Godfather” director Francis ...

  1. Paparazza Jennifer Buhl shares secrets

    Inside scoop on photographing Hollywood's rich and famous

  2. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton inaugurates Manila area beach club, her first real estate project

    Paris Hilton unveiled her first real estate project Thursday in metropolitan Manila and said she wants to follow in the footsteps of her great-grandfather and grandf...

  3. Vogue cover latest proof: This is Kim's world, we just live in it

    With Kim Kardashian’s appearance on the cover of fashion bible Vogue, is it time to admit the sex tape star turned reality phenomenon has cornered the market on fame...

  4. David Letterman retires: 10 memorable quotes from the late night legend

    Ten memorable quotes from David Letterman, who announced he's retiring from "Late Show" on Thursday:___"I think the longer we just sit here, the more uncomfortable i...

  5. Kim and Kanye have last laugh

    Kimye get ripped on a regular basis, but remain unstoppable

  6. Paris Hilton's brother beaten up; claims Lindsay Lohan behind assault

    Paris Hilton's little brother was badly beaten at a party and claims that Lindsay Lohan orchestrated the assault. The party took place at a Miami mansion where the r...

  7. Paris Hilton builds dream home… for her dogs

    Paris Hilton is building a dream house for her little furry friends.

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