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Natalie Portman

Should Natalie Portman Give Her 'Black Swan' Oscar Back?

Dance double claims Oscar winner performed hardly any of the fancy footwork

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    Panel discusses recently announced Oscar nominees for best actress, actor, and supporting actress

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    Allison McGevna joins us to give the inside scoop on the winners and losers from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

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    Independent films take the spotlight

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    Who shouldn’t even show up Sunday night?

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    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests discuss the latest, greatest, must-have games, apps and hardware for the tech addict in your life.

  7. Big Screen Diets Causing Disorders?

    Experts warn that dramatic weight loss of stars like Natalie Portman , Christian Bale for film roles are dangerous to vulnerable fans

  8. 'Brothers'

    'Brothers' illuminates the impact of war here at home

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    What were Tinsletown's top performances of the year?

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    E! Entertainment's 'Live from the Red Carpet' Co-Host Giuliana Rancic highlights the upcoming 83rd Annual Academy Awards

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    Has losing weight for a movie gone too far?

  12. Octomom Racy Photo Shocker

    Nadya Suleman shown in disturbing photos in latest round of never-ending salacious headlines from the mother of 14

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    Natalie Portman , Ashton Kutcher star in new romantic comedy

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    Natalie Portman , home-wrecker?

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    Catch a Natalie Portman double-feature

  4. 2012 Contender?

    Alan talks with Mike Huckabee about some recent comments he made and a possible 2012 run for president.

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    Check out the latest DVDs, music offerings and video games

  6. GOP Primary Predications

    Are Romney and Huckabee potential candidates?

  7. Huckabee: Causing a Stir

    Busy week for 'A Simple Government'

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