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Mary Tyler Moore

Fox Flash: Valerie Harper

Actress Valerie Harper talks about her battle with cancer

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  1. Mary Tyler Moore : No Russian Mobsters

    Mary Tyler Moore | Jacko's Miramax Connection | 'Apprentice' ApathyMary Tyler Moore: No Russian MobstersMary Tyler Moore , still America's sweetheart, was pretty bea...

  2. The Scorpion King, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Mary Tyler Moore

    The Scorpion King, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Mary Tyler Moore in The Foxlight.Is The Rock the new Schwarzenegger? Critics said so after The Scorpion King but then ...

  3. Sexy Secrets From The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    Mary Tyler Moore  | Prince   Sexy Secrets From The Mary Tyler Moore ShowSo, you thought our Mary  was pure as the driven snow? I have news for you: she’s turned Mary...

  4. Gavin MacLeod puts you in the captain's seat

    'Love Boat' star on 'Fox & Friends'

  5. TV Guide Magazine names the top 60 series of all time

    So many golden ages, so much brilliance from which to choose. In culling from the "60 Greatest" lists TV Guide Magazine compiled for the 60th-anniversary year, we sh...

  6. Stossel 12/05/2013: I Play One on TV

    Stossel is joined by actor Kevin Sorbo and others to take a critical look at hypocrisy in Hollywood

  7. Outrageous celebrity behavior: Is it real or fake?

    Matt Welch, Kennedy and Kmele Foster decide which outrageous celebrity behavior is real or fake.

  8. Fox Flash: Gavin MacLeod

    TV legend stops by the curvy couch

  9. Why did Bill Clinton speak out now on ObamaCare rollout?

    Was Bill Clinton trying to distance wife Hillary from Obama with his call for the president to honor his 'keep your health plan' pledge

  10. Valerie Harper working on TV movie for UP channel, 5 months after disclosing brain cancer

    The UP cable channel said Valerie Harper is filming a TV movie in Canada.The movie, titled "The Town That Came A-Courtin'," is based on a novel by Ronda Rich and als...

  11. EXCLUSIVE: Tristan MacManus blasts critics who say 'DWTS' is exploiting terminally ill partner Valerie Harper

    Last week ABC announced terminally ill actress Valerie Harper would be a contestant on the upcoming season 17 of “Dancing with the Stars.” The blogosphere blew up wi...

  12. QA: Ed Asner on religion, politics and playing gruff Lou Grant in real life

    Ed Asner will forever be remembered as the lovable Lou Grant in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," but that show is just part of a prolific career that includes an astonis...

  1. Valerie Harper proves there's always hope no matter what

    Actress goes against the odds after devastating diagnosis

  2. After the Show Show: Favorite sitcoms growing up

    Steve, Elisabeth and Heather discuss TV shows

  3. Gavin MacLeod: My role as a Christian is more important than 'Love Boat,' 'Mary Tyler Moore' success

    Gavin MacLeod has been a steady presence on television for over half a century. He created two iconic characters, Murray Slaughter, on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” a...

  4. Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore reunite at SAG awards

    Screen icon Mary Tyler Moore brought the Hollywood crowd to its feet when she was awarded the Life Achievement Award at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awa...

  5. Mary Tyler Moore to Undergo Brain Surgery, Report Says

    Legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore has elected to undergo brain surgery, People magazine reports.The sitcom star, 73, will have a meningioma, or a benign tumor of th...

  6. Tune in to the Mary Tyler Moore reunion

    Tip of the Day 9/4

  7. 'Mary Tyler Moore' star Valerie Harper says her firing from 'Valerie' was sexism

    If you pick up Valerie Harper’s breezy memoir "I, Rhoda," expecting salacious tidbits about "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," then you’re going to be bitterly disappointe...

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