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Jodie Foster

  1. Nation of Whiners?

    Former Sen. Gramm says U.S. in grip of 'mental recession'

  2. Lips & Ears: 12/25

    Liz Smith's Christmas wishes for Tinsel Town

  1. And The Nominees Are...

    Panel discusses recently announced Oscar nominees for best actress, actor, and supporting actress

  2. 'Rawhide Down' Details Reagan Assassination Attempt

    Del Quinton Wilber gives minute-by-minute account of fateful day

  3. Danny Bonaduce on Miley's Family Drama

    Former child star and Dr. Keith Ablow discuss slippery slope of kids in showbiz

  4. 'Rawhide Down' Explores Reagan Assassination Attempt

    Eyewitnesses to history tell all

  5. Hollywood Nation: 7/10

    Ryan Seacrest, George Clooney and 'The Beaver' gives the Hollywood Nation something to chew on

  6. Woman Power

    Liz Smith: 'Sex and the City' and Hillary Clinton have something in common

  7. Ups and Downs

    The Clintons are 'down' as there's grumbling they're doing the bare minimum in supporting Obama