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Jane Fonda

No Spin Zone Debut

Ted Turner talks politics, FOX News, Fidel Castro and Jane Fonda

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    Reporting of Arizona massacre reveals media's not-so-secret biases

  2. No Spin Zone Debut

    Ted Turner talks politics, FOX News and Fidel Castro with O'Reilly

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    Martha and Gretchen duke it out in round two

  1. No Spin Zone Debut

    Part 2: Ted Turner talks about his relationship with Jane Fonda

  2. And The Nominees Are...

    Panel discusses recently announced Oscar nominees for best actress, actor, and supporting actress

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    An open letter to Henry Rollins

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    Liz Smith dishes about Lindsay Lohan's return to the spotlight

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    Lips & Ears: Liz Smith on Pierce Brosnan's sequel

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    Neil pays his respects to the fitness guru

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    The Envy teams up with KISS for summer tour