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Courteney Cox

Marvin's Minute: 11/16

Kate Hudson changes A-Rod, Doris Roberts speaks out against skimpy clothing, Courtney Cox 'screams' again

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  1. Sally Pressman Gives Back to Real 'Army Wives'

    Lifetime star shows solidarity with soldiers

  2. Kim Kardashian Strips for W

    Kim shares her secrets to being famous for nothing

  3. Lips & Ears: 5/2

    Miley Cyrus ducks for cover, Aniston and Mayer make a pair and 'Sex' hits Washington

  4. Hollywood Nation: Simon Leads Men of Prime Time

    Napoleon Dynamite comes to TV; high profile Hollywood breakups

  5. Lips & Ears: 12/11

    Rumor has it: Jennifer Aniston will soon be a mommy?

  6. Lips & Ears: 8/8

    Wedding rumors swirl around Aniston and Mayer, Selleck dancing in a big way, Paltrow in the political fray

  7. Hollywood Nation: 1/19

    A-listers make their presidential pledge