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Betty White

Betty White : Pinhead or Patriot?

Pinheads & Patriots: 1/19

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  1. Kinkajou Attacks Gretchen Carlson

    Pinheads & Patriots: 1/20

  2. Hollywood Nation: 5/12

    Jessica Simpson's back on TV; Betty White goes for the gold and word's out on 'Twilight' soundtrack

  3. Dennis Miller Crashes 'Red Eye'

    Comedian and commentator makes 'Red Eye' debut

  1. Betty White Is 'Hot in Cleveland'

    Hit sitcom returns for second season

  2. Betty White Talks 'Hot in Cleveland'

    Star on teaming up w/ Mary Tyler Moore

  3. Betty White Inks 2-Book Deal

    Wednesday business wrap-up

  4. Attorney Sues U.S. for Mexican Teen's Murder

    Wrongful death suit claims that Border Patrol agent used excessive, deadly force

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  6. SAG Awards and Fox 411 Headlines

    Allison McGevna joins us to give the inside scoop on the winners and losers from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

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