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Tom Hanks

Miller Time: 7/9

Dennis Miller on Obama's upcoming trip to Iraq and Tom Hanks helping returning troops

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  1. Toughening Up For "The Pacific"

    Two of the stars talk about their manliness (or lack thereof) on set.

  2. Hannity's America: 1/17

    Joe Biden toots his own horn

  3. Saturday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy opens fishing camp for older female cats

  4. Funding Franken

    Many Hollywood heavyweights contributed to Al Franken's Senate run

  5. Hollywood Nation: 11/4

    Clint Eastwood says goodbye to acting

  6. Off Limits

    Vatican denies 'Da Vinci' sequel filmmakers access to churches

  7. Hollywood Nation: From 'True Blood' to True Love

    Bullock and Hanks are 'Incredibly Close' and Carey Mulligan learns to 'Drive'

  8. Hollywood Nation: 10/23

    Is Jessica Biel considering a music career?

  9. 'The Good Guys'

    Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford team up in new Fox comedy

  1. Hanks Attacks

    Hollywood heavyweight blasts Mormons for backing Prop 8

  2. Pinheads & Patriots: 7/7

    Tom Hanks : pinhead or patriot?

  3. See New York for $35 a Day

    Take a hearty bite out of the Big Apple without making a big dent in your wallet

  4. Ed Rendell

    Pennsylvania governor on whether his party can pass health care without GOP support

  5. 'The Good Guys' on Fox & Friends

    Hanks and Whitford on new comedy

  6. 'The Waiting List'

    Part 4: Americans speaks out about excruciatingly long wait to get help for disabled family members

  7. Diane's Den 7/9

    MacGruber and Flying Tigers headed to silver screen; top-selling DVDs; thumbs up for Harry Potter; celebrity birthdays