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Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss' real passion is politics not acting

Politically, Richard Dreyfuss describes himself as "intensely pre-partisan, and even more intensely anti-shmuck."The 66-year-old Oscar winner almost immediately injected politics into an hourlong conversation with actress Ileana Douglas about his life and career Friday as part of the TCM Classic Film Festival. Dreyfuss was even more outspoken in a later interview with The Associated Press, calling for a "civil strike" in support of the U.S. Constitution to encourage civic participation."I'm going to send you a copy of the preamble to the Constitution," he said. "If there's anything in it that you don't agree with, don't sign it; just send me back an explanation. You will agree with everything, because it's beautifully crafted and it's meant for all. And if I get 500,000 signatures, I'm going to call for a civil strike."What I would do is pick a weekday, and according to the time zone, 12:30 in the East, 9:30 in the West, you don't go, you don't do, you don't call, you don't buy. You do...

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