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George Hamilton

George Hamilton on what keeps him young

Actor George Hamilton on the vitamin supplement Youth Infusion.

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    Comedian on John Boehner, Joe Biden and Money

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    To the outside world it may look like Alana Stewart has led the good life with a lucrative career as a model, actress, and producer, marriages to George Hamilton and...

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    Actress/producer Alana Stewart says she's in the minority in Hollywood when it comes to her views on gun ownership.“It bothers me when the Hollywood elite are all so...

  5. How to avoid bug bites

    Protect yourself with this guide to outsmarting the biggest buzz kills.Know Your Enemy Whether your goal is to avoid or to annihilate, if you want to beat a bug, fir...

  6. Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl

    Doctors in Sweden have replaced a vital blocked blood vessel in a 10-year-old girl using the first vein grown in a lab from a patient's own stem cells.The successful...

  7. Brian Talks to Michael Tammero

    Brian Talks to Michael Tammero

  8. Halftime Report: 5/5/12

    Michael Moynihan puts the 'guest ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' guest ombudsman

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  12. Exclusive Interview

    Geraldo catches up with show business legend George Hamilton

  1. George Hamilton's secret to staying young

    Hollywood legend on 'Fox & Friends'

  2. After the Show Show: George Hamilton

    The tan titan hits the curvy couch with Clayton, Gretchen, and Maria

  3. QA: George Hamilton Not Afraid of Skin Cancer, Says Women Don't Like Men Who Know They're Good Looking

    The legendarily bronzed George Hamilton is currently crisscrossing the country in the national tour of ‘La Cage Aux Folles.’ Hamilton, 72, has been in the business f...

  4. Alana Stewart's About Past Loves Rod Stewart and George Hamilton ; Plus, What It's Like Being a Conservative in Hollywood


  5. Michelle Pfeiffer as George Hamilton's Mom?

      George Hamilton | Pearl Harbor    Michelle Pfeiffer as George Hamilton's Mom?On Friday afternoon, as the rest of Manhattan escaped to points north and east, I had ...

  6. George Hamilton Admits to Sleeping With Stepmother at Age 12

    George Hamilton reveals in his new book that he slept with his stepmother when he was only 12."When I was very young, 12, I had a relationship with my stepmother," h...

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