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Denis Leary

Now on DVD: Denis Leary's documentary 'Burn' shows unique dangers Detroit firefighters face

Denis Leary, the co-creator and star of the acclaimed firefighting drama "Rescue Me," also put the spotlight on the unique dangers Detroit-based firefighters face doing their jobs every day.Leary executive produced the documentary “ Burn ,” now available on DVD and VOD, which chronicles the live of Detroit firefighters who, despite low wages and dysfunctional gear, continue to put their lives on the line. “Detroit is a city in financial turmoil. This burden leads to people attempting to burn the buildings they own to get the insurance money. Then you have empty urban buildings with homeless people squatting inside and building fires to keep themselves warm or cook food – a recipe for disaster,” Leary told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “My cousin Jerry Lucey and five other firefighters died in a warehouse fire in Worcester, Mass. – my hometown – right in the middle of our old neighborhood downtown when a homeless couple started a fire to keep warm and the entire building went up. My cousin...

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