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Bill Maher

Bill Maher Unedited

'Real Time' host's entire interview on 'The Factor'

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  1. 'Religulous'

    Bill Maher's controversial new documentary challenges those who believe in a higher power

  2. The O'Reilly Factor

    Thursday, 8/11p ET: Bill Maher mocks religion and the people who believe. Don’t miss the controversial comments in part two of Bill’s explosive interview!

  3. Attacks On Conservative Women

    Why are verbal assulats on right-wing females given a blind eye?

  4. Far-Left Brands O'Reilly's Obama Interview Racist

    Bernie Goldberg on lunacy over Bill's Super Bowl sit-down with president

  5. Palin and the Vicious Double Standard

    Former Alaska governor takes on some of the personal attacks she has withstood and hypocritical advocacy groups

  6. Beck: Yes I Can

    True freedom means taking responsibility for what is happening in your life

  7. Family Feud

    Former President Reagan's son Michael Reagan talks with Alan about his father's legacy and why he's calling his brother Ron 'an embarrassment'

  8. Oh No They Didn’t : Naughty Celebrities

    Check out which stars get a slap on the wrist this week for bad behavior

  9. Gutfeld: The Hypocrisy of Contemporary Feminism

    Bill Maher's Sarah Palin bashing proves the modern left is a two-faced mess

  10. Maher's Mohammed Confession

    Comparing comments made by 'Real Time' host to comments that got Juan Williams fired

  11. Uncut: Rep. Michele Bachmann

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on why she's considering running for president in 2012 and sexist double standards in politics

  12. Christine O'Donnell Enters No Spin Zone

    Does Tea Party favorite have any regrets about her campaign?

  1. Bill Maher : Pinhead or Patriot?

    Pinheads & Patriots: 11/4

  2. Bill Maher : I Like a President Who Uses His Brain

    Maher on Obama, the Tea Party

  3. Bill Maher Enters the No Spin Zone

    'Real Time' host spars with O'Reilly over Obama's troubles, conservatives and political extremism

  4. Sneak Peek: Bill Maher on 'The Factor,' Pt. 2

    Bill O'Reilly and 'Real Time' host debate the importance of religion

  5. Sneak Peek: Bill Maher on 'The Factor'

    Maher: There is no extremism on the left, only on the right

  6. Bias Bash: Slandering Palin

    Bill Maher's remarks get media pass?

  7. Real Time

    Alan and Bill Maher , host of HBO's Real Time, discuss the tea party movement and the upcoming election.

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