10 geeky gadgets for dad
Here are ten geeky gift ideas for Dad this Father's Day.


Tactical BBQ Apron

Skip the 'Kiss the Cook' apron this year and buy Dad this tatical BBQ Apron so he is ready for anything the grill sends his away.

ThinkGeek: $34.99



Pivothead video-recording sunglasses

Everyone is itching to get their hands on a pair of Google Glass so how about getting Dad the next best thing? These sunglasses from Pivothead have a built-in video camera so Dad can focus on your baseball game and snag footage of your home run at the same time.

Pivothead: $299.99



Polished Silver Oval WiFi Hotspot and 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks

These are no ordinary cufflinks. Treat Dad to a pair of silver WiFi hotspot cufflinks that also work as a 2GB USB drive. $250.00

(Ravi Ratan)


Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Charge on-the-go and protect your iPhone with this case from Mophie.

Mophe: $79.95



Shirt Shuttle MK2

Keep Dad's shirt wrinkle and crinkle free after ironing with this nifty device. Simply fold the shirt over the board and slide into the protective case. Voilà!

Firebox: $53.49



The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler

Dad can enjoy a brewski without letting the burgers burn. While Dad is manning the grill, this remote controlled beverage cooler will bring the beer to him.

Hammer Schlemmer: $79.95

(Hammer Schlemmer)


The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie

Dad will be the coolest guy at work with this 'geeky' tie.

ThinkGeek: $14.99




Make any gloves touchscreen-compatible with AnyGlove.

Firebox: $30.59



Crosley Classic Turntable

Bring dad into this century. If he still enjoys listening to his vinyls, than he will love this classic turntable by Crosley. Don’t be fooled by it’s vintage look, this nifty machine plays mp3s and includes an analog AM/FM radio.

Cabela’s: $89.99




Help Dad keep track of his keys, phone and even his kids. This gadget fits into your pocket or bag and will set off an alarm should you wander too far away from your personal belongings.

Apple: $89.95


10 geeky gadgets for dad

Here are ten geeky gift ideas for Dad this Father's Day.

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