Bored? The best games for your iPhone
Need a quality time-waster? We weeded through the thousands of titles in the iTunes store to bring you the cream of the crop. For even more gadget guides, check out Digital Trends.



Carmageddon ($2)

If you missed Carmageddon first time around then you need to check this out, if you remember the original then you’re in for a blood-soaked nostalgic treat. The basic idea is to run over as many pedestrians as you can in a violent battle with other deranged drivers. It’s anarchic fun, packed with power-ups, different environments, loads of cars, and an addictive career mode. There’s plenty of content on offer here and every game has a few laugh out loud moments.

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Cut The Rope ($0.99)

Cut the Rope may have missed an “e” at the end of the first word in the title, because this game defines “cute.” A mysterious package winds up on your doorstep and an adorable little green creature pops out with one demand: to be fed candy. To feed him, you’ll have to solve elaborate, physics based levels that will keep you guessing on the best route from point A to point M (for “mouth”). Having a pet is a hefty responsibility but Om Nom–the “monster” in Cut the Rope–is pretty easy to handle. Just get the poor guy some candy.

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Doodle Jump ($0.99)

Any app with four and a half stars from 2,700 reviews and counting has to be doing something right. Such is the case with Doodle Jump, which earns its hallowed place on the list with ultra-addictive gameplay that you’ll learn seconds and won’t be able to put down for hours.

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Bad Piggies ($1)

Rovio soared to fame on the wings of those Angry Birds, but Bad Piggies proves the developer is no one-hit wonder. The game challenges you to construct cars and flying machines to propel your pigs to the finish point in each level. Naturally there are extras to hunt for along the way. It’s highly polished, gently challenging, and a lot of fun for the whole family.

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Infinity Blade ($2.99)

After teasing us with Epic Citadel last year, Epic Games finally released Infinity Blade. The RPG uses extremely cutting edge graphics and 3D effects to keep your attention, but it also multi-player options and an intricate storyline that can easily cause you to forget you’re staring at your iPhone and not parked in front of a console. Epic Games developers are also wise to use to touchscreen to its advantage, and there are multiple and easy to master combat moves for players to enjoy.

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ($9.99)

Ever miss the world of crime that resides within the game world of Grand Theft Auto when you’re away from your PC or console? Wipe away that sadness by picking up Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. This title will take gamers back to the days of top-down viewed crime sprees as they play through one of the most immersive worlds to ever to hit portable devices. It’s got everything you’d expect from the GTA franchise: car chases, explosions, an excellent story, and completely unnecessary violence. Plus if you’re not feeling any of the in-game music you can build custom playlists from your own tunes.

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Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99)

Zombies sure seem to be all the rage lately. Show those walking piles of flesh they picked the wrong yard to invade in Plants vs. Zombies. The undead have a terrible sense of direction, yet they keep managing to find their way into your backyard. Send them packing with an army of flora that would make any gardener’s thumb green with envy. It’s a great tower defense style game disguised with vibrant visuals, funny plot, and quirky characters. The zombie apocalypse may be on its way and this game is the best way to prepare yourself than with a plant-based defense.

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SpellTower ($6.99)

If you’re looking for a game that blends the word-search appeal of Zynga’s Scramble with Friends with the classic puzzle charm of Tetris, and you want to play it while offline, then look no further than SpellTower. The game features fantastic retro graphics, highly-addictive gameplay, and is extremely simple to learn.

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Flight Control ($0.99)

Why is it that pilots get all the credit? Most of their work is automated thanks to modern technology. The real test of skill comes for air traffic controllers. If you think you’re up for the challenge, test out just how skilled you are with Flight Control. You’ll be tasked with bringing in planes for a safe landing. It sounds easy enough but when you find yourself in charge of busy air fields on a stormy day, you might just start feeling a bead of sweat roll down your forehead. Wipe it away quick and get back to swiping your screen–these planes need clearance for a clean landing.

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Amazing Breaker ($0.99)

This physics-based destruction-oriented puzzle game has plenty of levels that will both frustrate and entertain you. Using an array of different explosives, your goal is to completely demolish various shapes that appear on each level – but that’s easier said than done.

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Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($7)

This indie smash-hit is all about creation and exploration. The Pocket Edition is a scaled back version of the original, but recent updates have added crafting and we expect the improvements will keep on coming. It’s something like playing with digital Legos; in fact, there is a Lego Minecraft set. It takes some getting into, but be warned: once you’re hooked it will consume days and weeks and months of your life.

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Asphalt 6: Adrenaline ($0.99)

Gorgeous graphics, solid controls and over 42 cars and bikes to choose from including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Ducati fill this racing game’s garage. Tune your cars, challenge your friends, and race across the globe – from L.A. to Tokyo in this fun iOS racer.

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Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP ($4.99)

The label of games as art is often bandied about – typically to no avail. But just every now and again a game like Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery comes about and makes a compelling argument for videogames. In Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery, you play as a wandering warrior monk, solving mystical musical puzzles as you adventure across this beautiful and magical realm. The game is affected by phases of the moon and you can co-operate with friends through Twitter to unravel its mysteries.

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The Last Express ($5)

All aboard the Orient Express for a mysterious adventure that will put your detective skills to the test. The game is packed with characters and you’ll need to interact with them and search carefully to uncover clues. It’s not linear either. Your actions will impact on their behavior to make each play through slightly differently. The game is set in 1914 and the beautifully realized cartoon style is well crafted. This was a cult PC classic, first released in 1997, and the iOS port has been well handled.

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Bored? The best games for your iPhone

Need a quality time-waster? We weeded through the thousands of titles in the iTunes store to bring you the cream of the crop. For even more gadget guides, check out Digital Trends.

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