Reddit group connects lonely Apple Watch users through heartbeats

File photo.

File photo.  (REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

The Apple Watch can do many things – everything from reading a user’s vitals to taking phone calls — but did you know that it can even help those lonely hearts around the world make an intimate, wrist-to-wrist connection? By pressing two fingers on the watch’s screen, a built-in heart rate sensor can record and send a user’s heartbeat. While it’s a great, quick way to share how you feel, there’s just one problem – what about those who have nowhere to send their digital beating hearts? One reddit user has found a way to connect all of those looking for a wearable tech soul mate.

“It started as a group of Watch buyers who didn’t know anyone else that was getting one and wanted to play with the Watch to watch heartbeats, sketches, and tap features,” reddit user nooshaw told Wired.

Nooshaw started r/lonelyheartbeats as a forum for users to exchange their iMessage details in order to find strangers out there to connect through these more intimate Apple Watch features.

Of course, while many users are sending simple messages like “hi” or innocent drawings, the connections being made as a result of the subreddit aren’t always so chaste. Nooshaw added that many users are sending suggestive pictures to these new Apple Watch connections. The reddit group has 139 “readers” as of now.