GoPro cameras capture daredevil’s stunning flight over Swiss Alps

Brandon Mikesell says experience was 'the most beautiful feeling I've ever felt'


Want to know what it’s like to fly over mountains like Superman? Ask Seattle-based daredevil Brandon Mikesell, who soared over the Swiss Alps in a wingsuit last year, capturing stunning footage of his flight on GoPro cameras strapped to his helmet and suit.

Zooming past sheer cliff faces and over the tops of trees, the video of Mikesell’s flight offers an incredible birds-eye view of the Alps. After using the wingsuit to maneuver through jagged canyons and across verdant valleys, Mikesell released a parachute to return safely to earth.

“I am a very, very trained professional,” he told Fox News on Friday. “I have been doing this for about four and a half years – I do it for the dream of flight, that’s pretty much what it comes down to for me.”

So, what does it feel like to leap off a mountainside?

“As soon as I leave, all that fear, all that fear that I have in my stomach, all the butterflies, all that goes away,” he explained. “It’s extremely, extremely peaceful.”

Renowned for their durability, GoPro cameras have survived freezing temperatures and close encounters with a range of wildlife, from curious pigs to a grizzly bear.

Competition in the wearable camera market may be set to intensify. Earlier this year tech giant Apple was awarded a patent detailing a GoPro-like action camera system.