Utah faces up to 300 million cyberattacks against its state databases every day, up from 25,000 to 30,000 attempted attacks just five years ago.

Utah Public Safety Commissioner Keith Squires told a legislative budget committee Tuesday that the increase in attacks may be linked to the NSA’s data center in the state, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. Hackers believe they can somehow access the NSA facility through the state’s computer systems, according to Squires.

"I really do believe it was all the attention drawn to the NSA facility. In the cyberworld, that's a big deal," he said. "I watched as those increases jumped so much over the last few years. And talking to counterparts in other states, they weren't seeing that amount of increase like we were."

Some reports have suggested the top secret data warehouse just outside of Bluffdale could hold as much as five zetabytes, an astronomical sum that has been compared to 250 billion DVDs.