Get the best deal on a Samsung Galaxy S 5 smart phone

Cell carriers are always fishing for new customers—and trying to lure business away from the competition. The latest bait: deals on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 smart phone, which has a super-smart 16-megapixel camera, a fingerprint scanner, and even a heart-rate monitor for fitness buffs.

So which among the Big Four carriers has the best deal on the S 5? That’s a loaded question, because the cost of the phone is just a tiny fraction of what you'll pay in service charges over a two-year contract; charges can exceed $2,000 per phone line. Check out our recently updated comparison of cell-service prices.

We put together a table comparing the cost of the S 5 phone from the Big Four carriers. Verizon comes in lowest, saving you $50 to $60 upfront. It has also been touting a buy-one-get-one-free offer, which sounds great. But the fine print reveals that the offer applies only to the down payment on the phone if you go with a pricey traditional two-year plan. And you’ll keep paying for your phone even after two years.

If you're gravitating toward a Galaxy phone, also consider the now bargain-priced Galaxy S 4, which will save you $100 or more—we included that phone's prices in our table as well. The water-resistant Galaxy S 4 Active, an AT&T exclusive, may not have the S 5's fingerprint scanner and heart-rate monitor, but it has oodles of other great features, including intuitive gesture controls, a fantastic display, and a great camera.  

—Mike Gikas

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 vs. Galaxy S 4 price comparison



Up-front price

Installment plan

Down payment for a conventional two-year plan


Galaxy S 5


20 monthly payments of $32.50 on the Next 12 plan


Galaxy S 4


20 monthly payments of $25.50 on the Next 12 plan


Galaxy S 4 Active


20 monthly payments of $24.25 on the Next 12 plan



Galaxy S 5


27.09/month for 23 months / $26.92 final payment

$200 after $50 mail-in rebate card

Galaxy S 4


24 payments of  $22.92



Galaxy S 5


24 monthly payments of $25.22


Galaxy S 4


24 monthly payments of $22.90



Galaxy S 5


24 monthly payments of $25.22 ($605)

$200 for first phone; second one is free

Galaxy S 4


24 monthly payments of $20.90 ($501.60)


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