Nokia Launches Augmented Reality "City Lens" App for Lumia Windows Phones

It might be taking a while for augment reality apps to catch on among the mainstream populace, but Nokia is evidently undeterred by this fact. Today at CTIA Wireless 2012, the company launched a beta version of City Lens, its new augmented reality browser app for its range of Lumia Windows Phones. 

If you've ever dabbled in other augmented reality applications, the way City Lens works won't seem foreign at all. The app uses the camera on the Nokia Lumia phone to show you local restaurants, hotels, landmarks, entertainment hotspots and shopping centers overlaid on top of a live image, with markers dynamically changing as you sweep your phone around to take in the view. If there are multiple points of interest in one spot, you'll see a cluster marker instead, which branches out to individual indicators when you tap through. Pick a point of interest, and you'll see a brief description along with reviews of the place. Of course, City Lens also carries the slick patina of the Windows Phone Metro, which means that despite running into a few bugs, using the app was a wholly enjoyable and fluid experience.

Interested in tinkering with City Lens? You can grab it right now on Nokia's beta labs site.