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Pinterest: Facebook for women?

Tech Take: Clayton Morris demos hit new social media site where you only share your interests


Pinterest is the fastest growing social network on the Internet -- so hot that it has had more traffic referrals than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined in January!

Pinterest is especially popular with women, and if you spend a few minutes on it, you'll see why. The site gives you the ability to create your own lifestyle magazine on the Internet, and share your favorite things with your friends and family.

Pinterest gives you the ability to create bulletin boards. You can organize them by categories such as clothes, accessories, technology, recipes, activities for your children, etc. Then as you surf the Web and you find things that you might want to remember or share, you can pin them to the appropriate board. Your friends and family will see your pins and can re-pin those things or comment on them.

Think of Pinterest as a way to scrapbook your life without the scissors and glue. My sister is using it to plan our her daughter's first birthday and my wife likes to keep track of toddler craft ideas for our son. We are also expecting a new baby so we have been pinning decorative ideas for our nursery.

Since bookmarking sites like Delicious have died out on the Web, Pinterest is not only a new way to save the Web sites you want to remember, but also do so in a prettier way. Your Pinterest page is your own magazine that represents you -- what you like, what you want to eat, and what your goals are in life. It is is very simple but really very clever.

I'll admit that when my wife first showed me the site a few weeks ago, I thought to myself, "This one's not for guys." And it's true, most Pinterest users are women. But having used it for a few weeks, I have found it useful to save gadgets that I want or other items that I might want as gifts in the future. Or maybe even DIY projects around the house.

Give Pinterest a try if you haven't already -- and let me know what you think ... guys too.

Clayton Morris is a Fox and Friends host. Follow Clayton's adventures online on Twitter @ClaytonMorris and by reading his daily updates at his blog.