How to increase the battery life of your iPhone



If you are addicted to your iPhone, chances are your battery is zapped far quicker than you would like. 

The good news is that there are simple ways to elongate your battery life. Apple advises running through at least one charge cycle every month -- that's when you charge the battery all the way and then let it drain completely. Also make sure your phone uses the latest Apple software. Beyond that, there's no need to try battery extension apps. Here are some ways to extend the battery life of your iPhone:

Turn off what you aren’t using
One of the great perks of having an iPhone is all the cool stuff you can do with it. You can take a break from playing Temple Run to watch a movie on Netflix, check your stock portfolio and then answer all of your emails without touching a computer. On the flip side, apps and features that provide hours of seemingly endless entertainment do not yield endless hours of battery.

All of the following changes can be made by first going to “Settings.” Click on that icon and how your phone is configured. Turn off your Wi-Fi if it is not necessary. Push notifications alert you of new data even when apps are not running. You can disable them for some or all of your apps to save battery life. 

Turn off the location services, too. This will affect your apps that rely on your phone’s built-in GPS, so this might not be your best option if you like having directions in the palm of your hand. Dimming your screen by reduce your phone’s brightness setting saves battery life, as does setting it on Auto-Brightness. The EQ, or equalizer setting, can be turned off if you don’t mind the change in audio when listening to your music. You can do this through your iPod or Music settings.

Adapt to your needs

If you rarely or never use your Bluetooth setting to talk via a headset or car kit, turn it off. Tap the “General” option under “Settings” and then tap “Bluetooth.” While you are on the Settings > General screen, change your Auto-Lock option to “1 minute.” Save battery life when you are in a low or no-coverage area by putting your phone on Airplane Mode. You can also turn off your phone’s 3G if you aren’t surfing the web or have no need for high-speed data. If you are really concerns about your battery life, preserve it for making calls and minimize your time spent using it for Internet or entertainment-related purposes.

Buy a watch

Seriously. You can save more battery life than you realize if your use a watch to check the time instead of constantly checking your phone. Waking it up, so to speak, and locking it again takes up battery life.

Fiddle with your email settings

You can configure your phone to check your email at specific intervals or manually. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data. Set to Manually or Hourly to check emails less often. Delete email accounts you rarely use or can afford to check on your computer instead of your phone.

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