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The Big Ticket

iNuke Boom: The World's Most Expensive (and Loudest) iPhone Dock

inuke boom massive iPhone dock

A $30,000 iPhone dock -- which makes its debut at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show -- promises to be the world's loudest ... and most exensive. (Behringer)

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A new $29,999.99 monster speaker system from Behringer promises several world firsts: It's the loudest iPhone dock ever, and also the most expensive. It's also among the biggest, measuring a whopping 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall and weighing over 700 pounds.

We imagine a conversation between the owner and a friend would go something like this:

"Why, yes, that is an iPhone docked on top of that sideways refrigerator. Would you like to hear it? Okay, just stand way, way, way over there.

Why? Because the 10,000 Watts being pumped out by the Behringer iNuke Boom ($30,000) — no, it's not really a fridge, and I heard that every time someone says 'nuke' and 'fridge' in the same sentence, an Ewok dies — are likely to bust your eardrums. 

What's that? You'd like to take it outside? Well good luck, pal — it weighs 700 pounds. Why don't we just turn it up louder, and run to the door before the song starts? Sounds like a plan."