Texas Mom Thanks Steve Jobs for Helping Son with Down Syndrome

The legacy Steve Jobs leaves behind affects people of all ages, but specifically students. From college level all the way down, his products are considered priceless investments.

Meredith Smouse is the mother of a 4-year-old boy named Dylan who has Down Syndrome, and whom she bought an iPad for last Christmas, MyFoxHouston reports.

 “Initially I was like, ‘this is a lot of money if this doesn’t work,” Smouse told MyFoxHouston.

Amazingly, Dylan started communicating with his mom for the first time by using an app to tell her what he wanted.

Smouse says this progress would have never happened if it were not for Steve Jobs.

"For the first time there was, 'We're going to make this work. We always had hope that he would get there, but this was like,'Wow, we're going to get there faster than we thought we were going to’," Smouse said.

Scott Culter, a professor in computer technology at Rice University was fortunate enough to know Jobs for three decades, having worked at several of Apple’s competing companies.

He says that Job’s always had a very strong opinion of what he wanted to do.

"What's really impressive about him is that so many people are one-hit wonders. Some have done two. How many people can you name who have revolutionized multiple industries with so many major hits that everybody knows about? That's therarity," Cutler said.

The use of the iPad to communicate doesn’t stop with Dylan however. Almost all of his classmates at the Arbor School in Houston use iPads as well.

Dylan now has the ability to speak 50 to 100 words.

While many people may consider Job’s legacy in relation to Apple, Smouse will always think of him as the man who changed her son forever.

"Thank you for letting my child be as much of a normal child as he could be because I know there's no way we'd be where we are with Dylan if he hadn't gotten the iPad." 

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