It's a tragedy! 

So someone stole your beloved camera. What can you do? Well, naturally, you should contact the police and file a report. However, there's one more step you can take.

Every camera has a serial number, and most of them are unique. Many cameras embed this serial number in the images they take. The thieves, or someone they sold it to, could be using your camera. This means you can track your camera by searching through online images.

Of course, there are billions of images online, so it won't be an easy job. That's where the Serial Search website comes in handy. It has a database of serial numbers found in online images.

Just enter your missing camera's serial number. Serial Search will scan through its database of 10 million camera serial numbers for a match. If it finds one, you'll see where the photo was used that was taken with your camera. That can help you track down the person with your camera.

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If you do get a serial number match, make sure it's the correct camera model. Some manufacturers use the same serial numbers for several models. You don't want the wrong person to be accused. Once you find a match, the best bet is to report that information to the police.

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