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The pinball machine -- an arcade staple for over a hundred years -- will soon be available at your local Best Buy. Stern Pinball, a legendary manufacturer of pinball machines, will have five of its most popular releases for sale at both brick and mortar stores as well as  

“Pinball is back and booming,” said Gary Stern, founder, CEO and chairman of Stern Pinball. “And being available though an incredible retail channel such as Best Buy brings pinball to the mainstream mass market.”

The TRON: Legacy Pinball features an incredible 3D backglass, actual soundbites from the film’s main characters, and music from the film’s original score.

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The Stern Pinball games now available include three movie editions for Avatar, TRON, and Iron Man as well as two Rolling Stones versions. Prices range from $3,799 to $5,999.