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High Tech Toys For Dear Old Dad

From the best digital cameras to high-tech grill gear and the smartest spot for your stuff, here's the right gift to get this father's day.

From the best digital cameras to high-tech grill gear and the smartest spot for your stuff, here's the right gift to get this father's day.  (Canon / iGrill / SeV)

Father's Day: The holiday when men can be men.

Once a year, we can safely ask for those manly things we really want -- like power tools and outdoor gear. And of course gadgets! I've spent the last 10 months buying toys for my baby, so I don't mind taking a day to ask for some toys of my own. Here are some of the high-tech things I've been coveting this year.

This is for the high-tech Grill Master of the house, like me. You simply put the iGrill thermometer in the meat and close the grill. The thermometer uses Bluetooth to send the temperature of the meat to the iPhone or iPad app.

No more babysitting your chicken! Think of how freeing it would be to have a constant read on your meat, even if you aren't laboring directly over the grill. Now you can walk away and enjoy that icy cold beverage while your dinner cooks.

This is for the tablet owner that is always worried about dropping that expensive device. The Hand-e-holder sticks onto the back of your tablet and you can hold it with one hand safe and sound. 

My son likes to play learning games on my iPad but he also likes to try to pick it up and put it in his mouth. With Hand-e-holder I've got a good grip on the device so that his precarious baby grip won't result in a shattered iPad screen -- which would make for a very sad Father's Day indeed.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR Camera
It's a splurge, I know, but if you've saved some ducats, you'll score a home run with this gift! I've been wanting the EOS 5D camera so badly but it is nearly $4,000 for the camera body and a lens! It is for the father that loves taking photos -- of children or anything else. This is Canon's top of the line camera and the photos are just gorgeous.

This is a 21.1 megapixel camera that also captures full high-definition video. It has an HDMI output so that you can show off your handiwork on your flatscreen TV for the whole family to admire.

Verbatim 640 GB Wallet Drive
And where are you going to store all of those beautiful photos? Cloud storage like Flickr and Picasa albums are great for family sharing but you should always back up your photos to your own hard drive! When it comes to precious family photographs, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Verbatim drives look like a leather wallet and are slim enough to fit in your pants. They have models that go all the way up to 640 gigs, which is enough for hundreds of thousands of photos! For the non-professional weekend warrior photographer, this is more storage than you'll ever need!

Speaking of storage, where is Dad going to store all of his tools, toys, and gadgets? How about a SCOTTeVEST? My wife got me one of these a few months ago and I loved it so much, I bought two more. 

SCOTTeVEST are a line of jackets and vests that hold pretty much every portable electronic I can think of. I have stuffed it full of an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and even a MacBook Air and headed to Starbucks with all of my gear. And you wouldn't know it! It looks like a stylish jacket or vest! It sounds nerdy but it really isn't. You won't look like Inspector Gadget from the outside but open the lining of your coat, and you're set for any electronic tasks imaginable!