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5 Spring Cleaning Gadgets to Clean Your Tech Clutter



When does more mean less? When adding a gadget means reducing the clutter. 

I'm in the process of moving, so the annual rite of Spring cleaning has taken on an entirely new meaning: going through all of the junk I've accumulated over the years and wondering why I keep it at all.

As I move into a new place, I vow -- as I have after every move -- to live a leaner, cleaner lifestyle. (Ask me how that vow is holding up come Christmas.) 

If the Spring weather has you motivated to tidy up too, there are a few high-tech tools that can help us all. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Cyber Clean
I'm guilty of eating lunch over my iMac and snacking over my MacBook Air. I know it isn't advisable but I do it. So when I want to get granola crumbs out of my keyboard, I use Cyber Clean; I found it at the Consumer Electronic Show and it was the answer to my prayers. 

Cyber Clean is a cleaning compound that you press and rub against your electronics. It leaves them spotless. Plus it's reusable and easy, and I like to keep it in the top drawer of my desk.

2. PowerMat
Wires! They're so unsightly and they make a clean surface look messy. PowerMat consolidates your chargers into one, which means a single wire! It uses wireless induction to charge any gadget that has a receiver on it. 

Put a thin battery pack on your Android phone, then lay it down on the PowerMat and it charges. And the PowerMat works on most smartphones, making anything easy, sleek and wire-free.

3. NeatReceipts
If tax time was worse than a root canal this year, consider NeatReceipts to help avoid this next year. The scanner allows you to digitize all of your receipts, business cards, and other important documents. 

The software intuitively knows the pertinent information from each scanned document and will keep it tabulated and searchable so you can easily find the amount you spent on office supplies. And it won't judge you for trying to write off those questionable expenses.

4. iRobot Scooba 230
A clean bathroom is a huge morale booster for the whole household. The new iRobot Scooba is a lifesaver in that regard -- it cleans floors and is small enough to reach behind the toilet, which we all know can be a gnarly place to clean manually. The iRobot Scooba kills 97% of household floor bacteria, and it's perfect for wood or tile.

5. Dyson DC35
We just got rid of a vacuum that I hated more than I've ever hated an appliance in my life. I swear the cord wanted to strangle me and the removable dust bin was forever falling off. 

Now we have the new wireless Dyson, and it's a gem. It is slim, light, powerful, and there are no wires to drag around and accidentally knock over a lamp. It charges itself with an outlet and when you're ready to vacuum, it's ready for you.

Happy cleaning! And even if it isn't such a happy occasion, just remember the old mantra: Cleanliness is next to Godliness!