How cutting edge can you get? 

If you've got the bucks, there's a world of awe-inspiring gadgets and goodies out there for you. From hundred thousand dollar watches to speakers that sound so good they'll make an audiophile weak in the knees, The Big Ticket is your weekly peek into the best goods gobs of money can buy. 

So hardcore gamers, listen up: If your custom setup simply isn't cutting for you, perhaps it's time to invest in a Murderbox (just $6,0000 -- and up). 

No, it isn't a dangerous device meant to assail the local Best Buy employees until they hand over a new rig. Instead, it's a sinister speed machine, custom-built to provide the ultimate in performance thanks to high-end, overclocked CPUs, liquid cooling systems, beastly GPUs, and multiple drives, all assembled in a display-worthy case.

$6,000 isn't expensive enough? With a custom paint job and super high end hardware, the box can cost as much as $20,000, noted enthusiast site Tom's Hardware

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Murderbox exploits the very latest advancements in computer technology while employing classic design cues derived from a simple, elegant concept of form balanced with function, the company explains as a way to justify the gaming system's extreme cost. 

"We offer the ultimate in high performance, custom-crafted computers -- machines built without compromise for those accepting only the best," the company said.