Hands On With the New Apple iPad 2

The launch of the highly anticipated iPad 2 had everything I hoped it would have would and more. 

“Wicked fast” processor? Check.

Lighter and thinner? Check.

Over 10 hours of battery life? Check.

Front and rear facing camera? Check.

With Steve Jobs on medical leave, Apple senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller was widely rumored to be taking to the stage. That didn't happen. Steve showed up and said "I didn't want to miss this."

I was at the launch event, where Steve Jobs unveiled the new Apple iPad 2, and got to spend a few minutes hands-on with the iPad.

The brand new case, called the Smart Cover, automatically wakes the iPad when you open it up. There are sensors built into the side of the iPad, and magnets on the cover and along the edge of the device combine to create this function.

The magnets also mean the case is conveniently removable. Don't want it on while you're using the iPad? Just tear it off.

In terms of the new features the iPad 2's iOS 4.3 brings, one of the biggest is GarageBand. With it you can play drums or compose on a full-screen keyboard. I can already imagine my seven-month old sitting here, pounding on the virtual keys. I can record right from the app as well.

With iMovie, the other big new addition, you can edit and watch movies right on the iPad.

For all the features, watch my entire video, where I go hands-on with new Apple iPad 2.