How to Build Your Own E-Store

A few weeks ago we showed you how to build your own website on The site makes it easy to do, thanks to beautiful templates. In just a few minutes, you can have your very own website up and running.

But what if you want to build your own online store? Let’s say you’ve got a lot of purses you're looking to sell, or perhaps you make your own t-shirts. You need to check out We’ll show you how it works and just how easy it is.

Shopify works very simply. There’s no need to have any technical or programming experience to get it up and running. Instead of writing code, all you need to do is drag and drop. Each storefront comes with a variety of different themes.

From the DODOcase Company, which makes a beautiful iPad case, to the Sugar Baking Company, which sells cookies and cupcakes, each Shopify store is unique from the next.

Setting up your own storefront is insanely easy. First, choose a name. Next, pick a web address. Once you've picked your payment options, you’re done! After previewing what your store will look like, you can start adding products. Just click on “add a new product,” name the item, write a description, and you’re published.

What’s really great about Shopify is the level of customization available to you without having to know how to write any programming code -- you just drag and drop. It’s that easy.

Shopify also handles payment options. Want to accept credit card? No problem! The system handles a variety of choices, including PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Another good thing is that the site will automatically scale to your needs. There’s no need to worry about the website crashing due to overwhelming traffic.

Now that you’ve got your store setup, check out the site’s tracking and analysis software. See which orders are getting the most buzz or find out what sites are sending customers to your store. All of these features and more are available on Shopify’s website.

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