As a new streaming-video gadget from Apple made its way into the hands of fans this weekend, some noticed a surprising absence: gay and lesbian videos. Is Apple censoring content, they asked? Not so fast.

Users of the Apple TV noticed over the weekend that they couldn't find the "gay and lesbian" category on the Apple TV's Netflix service. Technology blog Gizmodo noted that Apple has created controversy in the past over its policies regarding iPhone apps, many of which were censored for containing inappropriate content. Could Apple be censoring here too?

"I shouldn't have to spell out how ridiculous it is that they could disregard an entire slice of the North American population like that," said Gizmodo's Kat Hannaford, who couldn't verify the user reports -- the site's reviewers don't have the new Apple TV. 

But I do, and I can tell you that the rumors are baseless. 

I searched for the very same movie and category mentioned by Gizmodo's users and found out that these reports are unfounded -- unless Apple or Netflix changed something overnight.

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