Italian eyewear giant Luxottica says it will launch the world's first range of glasses for watching 3D films with prescription lenses through its Oakley brand.

"We are very proud of this technological breakthrough, which is the result of our outstanding R&D activities," said Luxottica chief executive Andrea Guerra.

"We have been collaborating with key industry partners for some time, including making use of DreamWorks Animation's facility for testing purposes."

Despite a heavy push by manufacturers, 3D televisions have not been adopted as quickly as some had hoped, party due to concerns over the need to wear glasses. High end models use active 3D glasses, in which shutters over the lenses open and close dozens of times per second. The technology is better, but far more expensive than the passive glasses included with less expensive consumer models. 

According to Oakley CEO Colin Baden, “with shutter-based 3D systems, you’re wearing glasses with added weight because they hold a battery, and it requires recharging. Oakley 3D eyewear utilizes the popular system known as passive polarized to let the lenses do the job with no need for a battery.”

The company said "premium editions in the new line will be the first 3D eyewear on Earth with optically correct lenses."

For those premium models, the company invented HDO-3D. High Definition Optics (HDO) was developed to give athletes the highest possible levels of clarity and visual performance, a technology the company claims HDO-3D will bring to home theaters.

The first pairs of 3D glasses will be available in the U.S. later this year and will be launched in the rest of the world in 2011. The company did not announce pricing.

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