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Facebook Is Driving the Divorce Rate Up, Says One Survey

Facebook on a Monitor

April 21, 2010: The Facebook logo is displayed on a computer screen in Brussels. (REUTERS/Thierry Roge)

A survey of the nation's top lawyers shows more clients are coming to divorce court armed with Facebook evidence to prove spouses are cheating, according to

"More and more I have clients coming in and I say, 'Why are you here today?' And they say, 'Facebook,'" divorce attorney Mary Cay Trace told "You can now search beyond your neighbors and your co-workers if you're trying to find somebody to replace what you think is missing in your marriage."

One woman showed love notes that her husband sent an old flame from grade school that he reconnected with on Facebook.

Their 13-year marriage ended after that, and her husband's new flame also filed for divorce from her marriage. 

The families had two children each.

As reports, it's not always the betrayed spouse who stumbles across the Internet evidence. Even worse, it's friends, neighbors and sometimes the children who bust their parent.

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