Ten years of research and development has led to an astounding development in Australian: the world's first electronic underpants.

Simavita, an Australian electronics company today, has just announced what it claims are the world's first electronic underpants -- an incontinence aid that can send a text message should the wearer experience an incident.

Designed for the elderly and infirm, the SIMsystem will be used in homes for the aged across New South Wales state to monitor incontinence after successful trials in Victoria, reported News.com.au

"Incontinence management is a key area in which innovative technologies can benefit aged care," said Simavita chief executive officer Philippa Lewis. "We developed the system to provide greater comfort and dignity to the elderly while aiming to significantly lower costs for aged care facilities."

Simavita said its underpants have a disposable element similar to a regular incontinence pad and include a detachable transmitter that relays readings from the pad's sensor strip over a wireless network to a central computer.

Alerts are sent via text message or over the institution's paging system.

More than 90 percent of Australians living in elderly care facilities are believed to suffer from incontinence -- a problem that currently requires staff to carry out frequent manual checks throughout the day.

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