Some dub it the "Jesus tablet." Others say that it is the one gadget to rule them all. The descriptions give a taste of the frenzied expectation that surrounds the launch of Apple's latest device, a touchscreen tablet computer that Steve Jobs will unveil tomorrow.

The tablet is expected to be a multipurpose multimedia device allowing users to watch films, play computer games and surf the web while on the move. Commentators think that it could also reshape the way that we read books, newspapers and watch television.

Little has been confirmed about the device, as Apple is notorious for keeping details of its products secret before launch. However, the company has done nothing to temper speculation, which is itself increasing pressure on the company to deliver something ground-breaking.

SLIDESHOW: Apple Tablet Concept Gallery

Apple has invited media representatives to an event in San Francisco tomorrow to see “our latest creation”. If rumours are to be believed, the tablet will have a 10 to 11in (25-28cm) “multi-touch” screen — meaning that a user could operate different parts of it at the same time.

It will come with a “virtual keyboard”, trusting that people will become used to tapping a glass screen rather than press down on actual keys. It is likely to be called either the iSlate or iPad. But the company has registered a number of different names for the device.

In design, it is believed to look like an oversized iPhone, and will come with 3G internet connection — meaning that users will be able to connect to the web wherever they are. The device could be available to buy as early as March.

Just as important as the gadget may be the effect it has on other sectors, such as the media industry and publishing. Apple has already successfully pioneered applications — or apps — with its iPhone and iPod. These programs serve a myriad purposes, from guiding users to restaurants to turning phones into musical instruments.

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