The pornography industry -- notorious for helping new technologies access the home -- is embracing 3D mania stoked by stunning new television sets and the blockbuster film "Avatar."

An unprecedented exclusive online 3D porn library has been unveiled by Bad Girls In 3D at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo over the weekend in Las Vegas, boasting a first-of-a-kind "turnkey digital 3D viewing system."

"For several decades, the adult entertainment industry has driven adoption of every significant new entertainment delivery system -- the VHS home-video craze in the 1980s, the satellite television mania in the 1990s and the present day Internet," said Bad Girls producer Lance Johnson.

"2010 and beyond will be all about 3D."

Adult expo attendees wearing "active shutter glasses" grinned as they immersed themselves in a Bad Girls video displayed in 3D on a giant high-definition TV.

The firm's package consists of a 60-inch 3D TV; a compact computer server, and shutter glasses that synch with the screen to trick eyes into viewing in 3D.

The Bad Girls system is priced at $4,000, and a subscription to the online video library costs $20 a month, according to a spokesperson.

The potential of 3D in adult entertainment was proven decades ago by a 1969 soft-core 3D film The Stewardess, which raked in over $29 million in theaters over two years, according to Mr Johnson.

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