Apple Ready to Bring iPhone to Verizon This Summer?

Could it be true that Verizon and Apple are planning a summer wedding with the 4th generation iPhone?

If a report in is any indication, Apple is equipping the next iPhone with CDMA chips built by Qualcomm. Verizon is a CDMA network, and AT&T runs on a GSM network. From TheStreet:

Apple  has chosen Qualcomm as its chip supplier for the new version of the iPhone headed to Verizon  this summer, according to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar. Kumar confirmed the decision with the manufacturers and suppliers involved with the phone.

I've been waiting for this moment since my last iPhone dropped call on AT&T's network. Not to mention that my iPhone was basically useless in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show. I had to downgrade my network selection from 3G to AT&T's Edge network just to send an email!