CES Gadgets: In the Entourage Edge, Tablet Meets eReader

enTourage Systems, Inc.

 (enTourage Systems, Inc.)

With the new Entourage Edge, just unveiled at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, a netbook is combined with an eBook reader.

In addition to some strange capitalization (the company wants you to spell the gizmo EnTourage eDGe), the device boasts a unique dual-screen design. It uses the same e-Ink technology found in many other e-book readers, but will also let you take notes and write in a journal, making it more like a netbook than just a book. 

The device includes built in Wi-Fi networking, as well as support for cellular networks. It adds Bluetooth as well, to let you connect an external keyboard. We suspect that extra screen will add to the cost, however.