iPhone App Translates Baby Cries

An iPhone application claims to decipher the meaning behind a baby's cries.

The Cry Translator uses patented technology to analyze the tone and duration of the cries and match them to one of five possible types: hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored.

It then offers tips on how to treat the child according to the type of cry.

"These five cries are universal to all babies regardless of culture or language," creators Pedro Barrera and Luis Meca told the UK's Daily Mail.

"Every baby has a unique accent and tone, just as adults do," says the app's Spanish developer Biloop Technologic.

"These inflections combined with a familiar cry pattern allow parents/caregivers over time to decipher their baby’s cries.

"For example, a stressed cry has a strong, short sound, falls slowly and then rises again, whereas a hungry cry is high-pitched and energetic."

It reportedly took six years to develop the technology behind the app.

Biloop claims the application has been scientifically proven with independent third-party tests in the pediatric department of Clinic Hospital Juaneda Menorca.

The application, which takes about 10 seconds to record and analyze a cry, had over 90 per cent accuracy rate during the clinical tests with 104 infants.

It is currently selling for $9.99 in Apple's iTunes App Store for the US, UK and Spain.