Crocodile Thrown in Jail for Loitering

Northern Territory police were forced to arrest a grumpy crocodile and throw it in jail after it was discovered loitering in a town.

Gunbalanya police were called out recently after the 2m female saltie turned up at Arrkuluk Camp the Northern Territory News reports. Police said they found it loitering near a fence, trying to look innocent. Brevet Sergeant Adam Russell said intrigued residents had gathered around to watch the arrest — but any dreams he had of nabbing the gnasher in style were promptly voted down.

"I wanted to jump on it Steve Irwin style," he said. "But (the rangers) wouldn't let me. "Instead she was bound and bundled into the back of an ute, and taken to the police cells.

She was held in custody for three days until folks from a Top End croc farm came to pick her up.

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