New Zealand Woman Fired for Sending ALL CAPS E-Mail

A woman in New Zealand was reportedly awarded $17,000 for wrongful termination after she was fired for using bold, uppercase letters in an e-mail to co-workers.

Vicki Walker used a variety of bold, red and all-capped fonts when she gave colleagues detailed instructions on how to properly fill out forms, reported.

"To ensure your staff claim is processed and paid, please do follow the below checklist," the e-mail stated, according to

The company deemed the capital letters confrontational and fired her without warning in December of 2007, the Web site reported.

Walker said she was forced into much debt over the past two years, including a second mortgage on her home.

She was awarded $17,000 for lost wages and unspecified harm in a wrongful termination lawsuit and plans to appeal to the Employment Relations Authority for additional compensation, reported.

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