Electrolux Design Challenge Envisions Your Automated Future

Meet your kitchen of the future.

Electrolux Design Lab has announced the finalists in their annual design competition. Undergrad and graduate industrial design students were challenged to envision new home appliance ideas for the year 2100 that create new ways to prepare and store food, wash clothes, or do dishes. Of 900 entries, these eight were selected as the most inventive, eye-catching, and forward-thinking.

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The finalists have conjured ideas that make food appear from thin air, grow herbs on Mars, clean clothes you’re wearing, photocopy meals, and grow a steak.

Last year’s winner, Austrian designer Stefan Buchberger, took the prize for a compartment-style fridge.

The Flatshare has individual, stackable modules so that people living with roommates can keep their food separated and avoid pesky things like putting initials on milk cartons or yelling at someone who just ate your last cupcake.

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