Glenn Beck: Julian Assange in the Crosshairs

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Welcome to "The Glenn Beck Program."

Now, it doesn't surprise me at all that President Obama has agreed to spend at least $100 billion that we don't have to extent unemployment benefits for 13 more months, because I — and if you watch this program — know about Cloward and Piven. You know it and I know it — collapse the system by overloading the welfare roles.

But there's another part of that as well — which also means I'm not surprised that the president gave in to extending the Bush tax cuts. It may seem like a loss to many people for the president, but do you really believe Obama, the man who rammed a mega-bill after another mega-bill after mega-bill down America's throat, suddenly had a change of heart and cares what the other side thinks before they even take power? Hmm.

How is the left reacting? They're outraged. He's a sell-out. You don't think he knew this was coming? Of course, he did.

Do you remember the progressive strategy meeting during the summer that we showed you the videotape where Van Jones said, bottom-up, give them a reason and they will rise up. Bottom-up!

The president didn't lose on this because he's the top-down part. You are watching a carefully crafted play. You remember when Anita Dunn was most proud about getting the press to talk about what they wanted them to talk about. You have to watch the other hand.

Has anyone paid attention to what's happening in Russia? They are now set to control 50 percent of the U.S. uranium output. They also now have committed to partnership with the United States — Russia and the United States partnering on the smart grid technology. That doesn't sound good.

Also, the FCC is making a power play, going around Congress and the court to silence talk radio, and FOX, and control the Internet.

All the while, we're watching a bomb going off in every household, every business, every place, every capital in the world — it's called WikiLeaks. I believe that's where we have to begin tonight.


BECK: Hello, America.

I want to ask you who the most feared person in the world is right now, feared by people in power, the man behind the WikiLeaks drama being played out in real life. His name is Julian Assange. This man has business executives — he has politicians and leaders all around the globe trembling in their boots — I would guess everyone but Vladimir Putin. The guy stabs whales with like toothpicks and kills them.

Everybody is freaked out about this man. They're terrified of the mere thought of what secrets he might expose about them on the Internet. The truth shall set you free. But it will make you miserable first. We're about to hit the misery part.

Many people would rather have slave chains to secrecy than endure the misery required to live in the truth. And so, they will fight, oh, they will fight — which puts Assange straight in the crosshairs. But who is aiming at him?

I want you to come with me and hear this tale. I don't think anybody has really told the tale of Julian Assange in an explainable way. We're going to try tonight. Something is not right here.

He appeared in a London court today after being arrested, but not charged by British police. He hasn't been charged with anything. But the arrest had nothing to do whatsoever with leaking information and classified documents on the Internet.

He was arrested over sexual offenses, alleged sexual offenses in Sweden. He refused to — he was refused to be let out on bail, despite wealthy supporters offering $150,000 to, you know, spring him out of jail. Filmmaker Ken Loach, a socialite, Jemima Khan, a journalist, John Pilger and three other donors agreed to pay more than $90,000 between them but the judge said no. It's a bit ironic that the man dumping national business and personal secrets all over the Internet is potentially being brought down by something he did in secret. Or did he?

I want you to understand, I don't support this guy. I don't support what he's doing, but I'm really torn on this story. He is exposing the fact that our governments all around the world have been lying to us. It's been a job we've been trying to do but been pilloried over and over for doing it.

But I don't want a guy to go to jail or to be silenced for something he didn't do. Again, I don't support him. But I want you to the look into the crime that he committed to warrant an international manhunt.

This whole thing is not sitting right. Assange is under investigation for sex by surprise. What's that? Well, apparently, this is Sweden's version of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. Routine cases of sexual coercion have a maximum penalty of about two years in prison. But there are separate allegations from another Swedish admirer who he was also hooking up with.

I want to show you a rough timeline of events from the British newspapers. As I go through this, I want to try to — it's confusing, but I want you to try to follow this along with me and then ask yourself this question: really, does this make sense? And if this were done by you, would you be getting the same attention that — you know, that he is getting? Would you not be let out?

Watch this. I want to show you, first of all, person number one. Now, we have can't show you the actual photographs of the accusers. We don't do it.

But let me just call woman number one. She met Assange at a seminar hosted by the Swedish Brotherhood Movement.

What is the Swedish Brotherhood Movement? Well, that group is a hardcore, uber far-left group with anti-Semitic ties and also has partnered with SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. So, he is speaking at this seminar and she's there. OK?

She is well-known in radical circles, and in college, was protege of the militant feminist academic holding the post on-campus of campus sexual equity officer — whatever that is.

In the past, woman number one has also had a blog posting that has since been removed called "The Seven Steps to Legal Revenge." That explained how a woman can use courts to get their — to get back on unfaithful lovers. "Step Seven" says go to it and keep your victim in sight. Make sure your victim suffers just as you did.

OK. So, here she is. We know who she is. She is a radical, uber leftist. She is at this panel where he has been invited to speak. Now, remember, this is in August. He was invited to be the key speaker at the seminar on war and the role of the media. This is about the time when Assange was threatening to release more confidential documents.

So, woman number one agrees to let Assange stay in her apartment, leading up to the event. She says, "I'm going to be gone for a few days." Well, I didn't work out that way. She was staying with some friends and he was staying at the apartment.

Well, on a Friday, she decides to come home early. And he says, well, I'm going to have to leave because you're here now. And she says, no, no, no. You can go ahead and stay.

So, they go out for a nice dinner at a restaurant. Sparks flew. They go back to the apartment. And they get busy — consensual busyness.

And this is important to the story, so I apologize. A condom was used. But it broke. Both agree that it was consensual. And that the condom broke. That's important.

Now, she claims that she was raped. Really? Because it doesn't show here. And here's why I say that — because the very next evening, she put together a party in honor of him at the apartment that was held after the seminar. Got it? The next day Assange speaks at the seminar.

Now, there's a video of this event and it was made available by, Swedish network of alternative media reporters. The crowd and the journalists were made up primarily of leftist Swedes who were sympathetic to WikiLeaks.

He's introduced by a Swedish social democrat. Social democrat — remember that's what Putin and everybody became when the Soviet empire collapsed. They went from communist to social Democrats. He's introduced by a guy who's social democrat who defended the actions of WikiLeaks as upholding international law. So, he's surrounded by friends.

Assange gives his speech and everything went as planned. Well, almost. There is one person there that he couldn't miss — one attractive, young adoring female fan who sat right in the front row caught his eye during the seminar.

We found this photo from "The Daily Mail." We have blurred her face out, but here she. Here is the seminar. And here she is.

Now, remember, he is at the seminar staying with woman number one, staying at woman number one's house and he sees woman number two at the seminar. But, apparently, she attended a seminar because she was a fan of Assange.

I mean, what twenty-something wouldn't be just an uber fan of Julian Assange? He's famous — he's rich, he's good-looking. OK, he's famous, kind of. One out of three ain't bad. Actually, he's pretty terrible.

But this is woman number two. And here's where things get a little murky. There are conflicting sources here, but woman number two is allegedly hanging around after the speech by the stage, trying to catch his eye. And they do. Well, unfortunately, they don't really talk. But these two start to talk. They start to chat — woman number one and woman number two. I mean what are the odds?

Woman number one introduces woman number two to Assange. And says, hey, you really should meet her, even though we just had sex, you should meet her. Well, they end up hanging out in a group setting. After some flirting, Assange and woman number two make a breakthrough and they go to a movie together, leaving woman number one here.

This guy is a player. He must be really good, because again, sparks fly. And Assange says, you are hot. You're great. We should continue this. But I've got to run to woman number one's house because she's throwing a party for me, hosted by the woman he slept with the night before, woman number one.

So, woman number two is left at the movie theater. And like any good dirt bag, he promises to contact woman number two real soon and heads to the party, woman number one's house.

Remember, women number one supposedly had been raped the night before. But here she is organizing a party in his honor. Now, who hasn't thrown a party for the guy who just raped you?

But she had just a good time that evening that she tweeted during the party, quote, "Sitting outside, nearly freezing with the world's coolest people. It's pretty amazing." To me, this doesn't exactly fit the profile of someone who's been sexually assaulted by guy number one.

While she tweeted that, Assange was flirting with woman number two on his cell phone. Well, eventually they meet again that Monday, woman number two and Julian Assange. And Julian actually convinces her to buy him a train ticket because he needs to get out of the city, but he needs cash because he fears the government would track him.

So, she says, OK, but I've got to go to my apartment to get the cash, which is lucky because at her apartment they can have sex. And they have sex, consensual sex. And Assange wears a condom.

The next morning, they have sex again. Where did I put that money? Oh, I don't have any pants on. This time, however, no condom. And there's the problem again.

Woman number two is so upset by this rape that she decides to go to breakfast with the man who just raped her. You see?

After breakfast, Assange heads out. She pays for his train ticket to leave. He's a romantic guy!

OK, if this account is true, then both parties apparently agree that sex was consensual, which doesn't make much of a case here. Where's the crime? Well, Sweden is a little different. It's sex by surprise, didn't have a condom.

Well, there wasn't much of a crime there. That's why the case was closed in August.

So, the woman brought in a high profile Swedish social democratic attorney — wait, social democrat, where have I heard that? Oh, yes, that's right. That's what Putin become. That's right. He's a supporter of the campaign to extend the legal definition of rape. As a result of him being brought in, in September, the case was reopened by authorities.

Now, here's where things get sketchy. Regret begins to set in with woman number two. Woman number two is the one who contacted the attorney. But woman number two, also, she's regretting it.

Of all the people in the world, if you're going to tell somebody about rape or something, your mom, you dad, your sister, your best friend — no, no, no. She decides to call woman number one.

And woman number one and woman number two, they realized when they started talking, he doesn't love me. He's a liar. He's a dirt bag.

A few days passed. I mean, why act right away. After the revelation that he didn't love them, and that's when the two women took action. And the two women now, because two women claiming this is so much better than one, they went together to the police to report that they were seeking advice on how to proceed with an assault claim.

Woman number two claimed that she was upset that Assange had refused to wear a condom when she asked. And — I don't know, woman number one said that, you know, raped them in between the party and the breakfast. I don't know. I don't know.

Does that sound right to you?

I want you to know, I am not defending Assange. I think he is a dirt bag. I think he is a dirt bag. He obviously has no problem using his 15 minutes of fame to sleep with anyone who is crawling.

But I have to tell you something, if you look at the people who are all lining up in defense of Julian Assange, and you see that these two are uber-leftists as well and you know the case that we have laid out over especially the last six months of bottom-up, top-down and inside-out, something is wrong.

I want you to know the government is lying to you. I have made a living out of the last two years telling you the government is lying. Julian Assange is not saying anything new. But why?

I go back to the beginning. Why is he being held up by the uber-left? And the same uber-left demonizes me. Well, maybe because I don't want revolution. I just want honesty and integrity.

This guy believes in global chaos and bringing down the system. This man is different. And that — that is the problem. He is a dangerous man.

I want the lies exposed and so do you. I want smaller government.

No, no. He doesn't. He is anti-government.

Do you remember when I told you that those who want real power are looking to use anarchists and chaos to their advantage? It's bottom-up, top-down and inside-out. Remember, this episode, I showed you, anarchists, all these anarchists, they just want to overthrow everything. He's one of them. That's what's happening here.

The problem here is that this guy has started a ticking time bomb. It doesn't matter what happens at this point. It doesn't matter if he raped somebody or didn't rape somebody at this point. Really, for you, if you want him to continue to release his documents because you say yes, they're lying — well, it means that the government across the globe can no longer function because they won't trust each other and the system will fail. It's Cloward and Piven system on dishonesty, overwhelm the system.

On the other hand, if you want him picked up off the street, you have to come up with something. I mean, he hasn't committed a crime. Are we writing a new law for him? Are we going to put him in jail? If we do, for what?

This guy may have raped three women. I don't know. I do know he's blackmailing the entire globe. No one will believe it.

Think of this — if the guy is legitimately hit by a truck walking down the street, he was drunk and he drank it himself, what percentage of the planet is going to believe that that was an accident? I mean, what are the odds of all of that happening?

I'm not convinced this is anything other than a set-up by the left on the left. The cynic in me says that Julian Assange is a player with the left. And all the while, he's being used by the left. They'll speed it up. They're causing more distrust in the system.

Look at the reaction to the story. Everyone is calling this a honey pot or operation midnight climax, because they don't trust anyone in the government anymore and they shouldn't. But this story causes only more paranoia. It plays right into the hands of the uber-left. Look how everyone is questioning the establishment.

Have you read? Read the stories. Everyone is questioning the establishment. It's bottom-up. We haven't scratched the surface on this story. This is like hour one of season in "24." This is the beginning of the time that I told you would come, where you wouldn't know who to believe or what to believe. You had to be strong inside yourself first.

Too many people right now in America are living to their favorite talking head, whether it would be me, Rush, Rachel Maddow, whoever and they're parroting that. You cannot do that with this story. You must look in the story yourself and decide yourself, because the stability of the world is at stake.

Julian Assange may not be the man of the year. He may not be the man of the decade or the century. He may actually turn out to be the man of the millennium. Good or bad, because he may be the man that has pushed us off the edge and headed towards profound global change.

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