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GLENN BECK, HOST: Welcome to "The Glenn Beck Program."

I have told you for the last, probably, five years, that a perfect storm was brewing. Then we started having the meltdown on Wall Street and TARP started to happen. I told you that the storm was getting stronger and coming closer. When the stimulus happened and Obama was elected, I told you that the perfect storm was forming and it was now on shore.

I have news for you. I have to update our weather conditions. The storm is here. The weather conditions are changing.

Your friends can keep ignoring all the danger around, but all they have to do is look out the window and see that things are getting dicey. You are beginning to see the start of the perfect storm for America.

And now, you have to ask yourself a question: Is it time to go inside? Is it time to get down into the root cellar and protect yourself? Have you done it? No. Are you ready to batten down the hatches?

May I show you the "Wizard of Oz"? At the very beginning of "Wizard of Oz" — this is Dorothy and she's out and she knows the storm is coming.

And you're going to see, what is it, Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Here she is and she's like, "We got to find Dorothy." And he says, "We can't wait for her. We got to get into the cellar." So, she goes down to the cellar and Dorothy is left to fend for herself.

Sometimes, this is what has to happen, or everyone is wiped out. Those who come to the party too late, those who come to the understanding that there's a storm brewing find themselves sometimes outside while everyone else is in the storm cellar. It is time to start heading for the storm cellar because the winds are starting to howl.

Come on.


BECK: Well, hello, America.

I know that sounds kind of spooky, what I just said, but — hello, you're at spooky central. A perfect storm has been brewing. Al Qaeda called it, what was it, "operation hemorrhage." It's here. It's here.

There are so many pressures now converging right now on our country, it is inevitable that we are going to face a pretty big level of pain. The president calls it shared sacrifice. But they're not really telling you what is coming.

They're preparing — they're preparing for a new safety net. If the government continues to grow, things are going to collapse.

However, the other choice is massive pay cuts. Massive cuts in our budget. Well what will that do? Well, that will stop the economy, because the only really spending money is the federal government, even though it's funny money, and people will lose their entitlements. Hmm, that doesn't sound good either. One way or another, we're in for tough times.

The real question is, is how will America handle it? Will the fabric of America hold up under this type of pressure? Do you remember I told you about the Tower of Babel and that Nimrod made bricks and the mortar?

In Hebrew, the word "mortar" is materialism. It's what held the bricks together. I fear that that's the only thing that is holding our bricks together, is materialism. And, in fact, I think a lot of enemies in and outside of our government and our country are counting on that.

We've got to change the mortar between us. It can't be materialism. Because look at the storm that's headed our way, we have unemployment. These are all the things that are happening. This is the perfect storm.

Unemployment is at 9.6. Fed projections say it's going to stay that way for a while. SEIU now is counting down the days until the 99ers fall off the unemployment rolls. Now, why would you do that? Why is the union counting off the day until they fall off, 99ers?

Because — this is your choice, America: you can either be a pawn or a defender of the republic. You can either be a victim or a survivor, a leader.

They are creating pawns. We need to create more defenders. I'll get into that later on in the program.

Let's go back. Unemployment, followed by a lack of trust. Right now, only 11 percent of the American people say they have trust in Congress. And I'm surprised it's that high.

We showed you yesterday with the rest of the media missed with the WikiLeaks story. This whole thing is designed to destroy what little trust we have left in our institutions and our leaders. This isn't going to just stop with, you know, the government. They didn't tell us anything new, did they? All they did was confirm what you already knew in your gut, that the government is lying to you.

So, what would be the point of telling you this? To destroy the faith in the United States of America, abroad and here. No one can trust anyone in the government. That's the message they sent.

And it's not going to stop with Congress. WikiLeaks, their next target — according to Forbes — the banks and Wall Street and then the energy companies. They're going to — they're going to show major banks and they're predicting now that a major bank inside the U.S. is going to be turned — what a surprise — quote, "inside-out." Bottom up, top down, inside out.

Well, what does it do for you? How's it going to help you? What does it do to your loans? What about — what about the debt? Who knows what is next?

What will it do when this information is used to create more pawns? Do we trust anyone anymore?

You also have a lack of appreciation. Well, why would you have a lack of appreciation? We always hear about economic justice. Well, you know what's interesting to me is nobody ever really defines "justice." We have been lured into class warfare, where successful people, they don't deserve justice. They're vilified. They're punished for their success.

I made every dollar myself along with my team that I share it with. You know, why am I punished for success? That's justice? For whom? Oh, for people that you take it from me and you give it to them.

That's not Robin Hood, that's a perversion of the Robin Hood story. Robin Hood was stealing the money back from the people the government took it from. The result — the result is: when you get things for free, you don't appreciate them. We don't appreciate the things that we have. And I mean, even me.

We don't appreciate our country, because it was handed to us. Instead, we just long for things that other people have. We never have enough. We shouldn't begrudge millionaires or billionaires. Our grandparents would have taught us that we could be the next millionaire or billionaire. Hell, it's America.

We're often told about the plight of the poor in America. And there is poverty in America. But let's put it into perspective here.

The poor in America — 97 percent of them have television sets, 25 percent of the television sets are big screens. That's poverty? Eighty- nine percent have a microwave, 80 percent have an air conditioning unit, 73 percent of the poor in America have a car, 64 percent have a washer, 57 percent have a drier.

We have been sold a lie that that's not enough. How much is enough? What is economic justice? Do I need to remind Americans what poor really looks like?

I got news for you, in other countries, they're not washing their clothes and sitting in air conditioning watching their big screen TV. They're dying. That is poor.

I'm going to show you some pictures down at the bottom of the hour of the Great Depression. These are the first pictures that were — that we know of, the only pictures, that are in color of the Great Depression. I want to show you this picture and I'll get back to it at the bottom of the hour.

Look at this family. This is — this looks like a sawed off log. This looks like a log cabin. I don't know what this is. Plywood? Look at the conditions here. Look at this man's shirt. I don't think that was — I don't think that was government health care. Well, actually, that might actually be government health care.

Look at the food. And I can guarantee you, she canned the food. They milked the cow. She made the food. He grew the food. They probably helped. That's poverty.

History, history — that's poverty in America. What's poverty in America today? Well, we just want our stuff. Watch.


HOST: Why are you here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To get some money.

HOST: What kind of money?


HOST: Where is it coming from?


HOST: Where did Obama get it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't know, his stash? I don't know. I don't know where he got it from. But he's giving it to us, to help us. We love him. That's why we voted for him. Obama! Obama!


BECK: Tiffany, put that picture back up of the poverty and the Great Depression.

Do you think these people would have lined up for cash and they didn't care? I don't think so.

Do you know what the base salary is for six years of experience — six years of experience in the U.S. Army? You're a private in the Army. You've been in service of your country for six years. It is $19,465.

Now, what's the poverty level in America? Let's say you have a family of four — a family of four. The poverty level for a family of four is $44,100.

By the way, poverty level for one person, according to the U.S. government, is $21,660. These guys are in poverty whether it's one person or a family of four.

Now, people will say well, yes, but they get government housing. Do they? Really? Government housing. And that covers — that covers — that makes up this difference?

Yes, but they get health care. Oh, yes, you mean the healthcare they're now looking to charge our soldiers for. That free health care.

Need I also remind you $175,000 is what a congressman makes? Don't talk to me about poverty and don't talk to me about freezing their salaries. These people are risking their lives. These people are getting rich.

You want to talk about the rich? Let's talk about Congress, shall we? I don't have a problem with being rich. You earn your money.

These people — they've earned their money? Really? These people have. I'm guessing you have.

Next: lack of education. These are amazing stats. We don't even know history. Twenty-six percent of Americans are unaware that America gained independence from Great Britain. Over one-quarter of the population has no idea!

Well, that probably explains why so many people can be duped into hating the free market system. They have no idea how we got here. How we became the greatest country in history — which leads me right to apathy.

Do you think anybody is going to go out and vote? Do you think anybody is going to stand up and say, I really believe in this? Why? If you don't even know our history.

If you don't know what our country is or where we came from, why would you risk anything? Why would you care if the whole system collapsed? Why would you care if you took the money from the government?

People are walking around with blinders on. Perfect storm. Eroding values — hard work, sacrifice, thrift, honor, truth, God. As a nation born out of faith in God, how is that going today, huh? 25 percent of those under 30 years of age describe the religion as atheist, agnostic or nothing in particular.

Now, as you get older, it goes down. Thirty to 40 years old, only 19 percent. Ages 40 to 50, 15 percent. If you're over 60, less than 10 percent say that they don't.

And then you have the tax dollars funding this wonderful art display. It's Christmas at the Smithsonian. Here's this wonderful — oh, look, it's Jesus with ants on him. They describe it as the first major museum exhibition to focus on sexual difference in making of modern American portraiture.

What? You got to be kidding me. What does this have to do with the birth of the baby Jesus and why is he now covered in ants? Whose values are these? And you wonder where there is a breakdown of the family.

In TIME magazine, they posed this question. I love this. Who needs marriage? What's it good for?

Well, I don't know, keeping America intact is one. It's good for showing children how to treat a spouse and others. And when you get old, it's kind of nice to have a family around to take care of you. People want government to do it. Why? Why?

When did it stop being important to show our kids how to take care of each other? When? When did it become popular just to dismiss our parents? They never dismissed us.

And the biggest lie on the whole marriage thing is that the 50 percent divorce rate. Oh, you know, 50 percent of people — really? That's not true.

If you start to read the facts, if you get married at 25, rather than at 18, your chances of divorce drop 24 percent. If you attend college, even for a day, your chances of divorce drop 13 percent lower.

But today, nearly four in 10 people say marriage is just obsolete. Is it? The storm is severe. But we'll make it. We will make it as long as we don't have the materialism knitting us together, as long as that's not between the bricks — materialism.

We have debt beyond our wildest imagination. We have exhausted military. I know the media has all forgotten about our men and women still in Afghanistan and Iraq. But a lot of Americans haven't. They're on the brink. They're on the brink. This has been a decade now.

These soldiers, I was with Marcus Luttrell at his wedding. One of the soldiers came back, he's a Navy SEAL. He had done nine tours. Nine. When is enough, enough?

Unsustainable debt — $14.3 trillion in our debt ceiling. All of this is going on. All of this has happened.

And instead of preparing for a storm, Congress is making the storm stronger. The Senate passed this food safety bill. They claim it prevents outbreaks.

What — do we have problem with it? I'm sorry. I missed all those stories of the outbreaks. The 11 percent of America who trusts Congress will blindly go along with this.

But here's what this bill really does. It gives the FDA even more power and control. They can demand food recalls instead of requesting it now. The FDA has control over food imports. Increase FDA inspections of food processing plants. Gee, I wonder if Cass Sunstein who doesn't want you to eat meat could maybe price us out of meat. That way you don't have to pass a law, you just nudge people into that. Hmm.

Why — well, I know the answer. Twenty-five percent don't know where we came from. They have no idea that we broke away from England. If you don't know who we broke away from, you certainly don't know why we broke away because you never want to have somebody have that much power.

Now, can we afford the $1.4 billion of a new, brand new bureaucracy? Why not give the money to the soldiers? What do you say, who are just earning just above the poverty line or just below the poverty line?

They're also in Congress moving on the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act would allow anyone younger than 35 who came here to the U.S., they're going to — they're going to be granted legal status, if they agree to go to college or join the military or work in certain other government agencies for two years — oh, that's perfect.

The real concern here is there's no cap on you how many illegal immigrants will eventually gain legal status. Also, another concern, youth who eventually become citizens, thanks to the DREAM Act, will be able to bring their close relatives, including their parents who originally entered the country illegally, into the U.S. as legal immigrants.

May I ask what is this going to cost us? What is this going to do to add all of this to the system? To the perfect storm?

Every night, I come to you and I say there is a storm coming — every night. But I tell you, I'm very, very close to just saying — time to close the door on the cellar, guys. If you're not seeing it yet, you never will — because it's time just to start talking to the people who will pay attention, who will pull their head out and start paying attention.

There's good news. This is the state of the country, but it's not who we are. Now, there are pawns and there are defenders. The question is which is there more of? Pawns or defenders?

My grandfather, he used to build these chicken houses on his farm. And they were the — they were the ugliest chicken houses. We were in Texas this weekend and I looked at these barns. And they were all red and identical. And they have — they were really nice.

And I said, what are those? And the guy said, oh, those are chicken houses. I said, get out of here! Because my grandfather, they were ugly chicken houses.

Why? Because he would take old windows from somebody else's barn and an old door from someplace else, at one point, he put doors up and I think he just put the tar paper over the doors and nailed it in place and that was the roof of the chicken house. All — nothing matched in any of his chicken houses.

Why? He did that because one thing I learned from him is you have to make due with what you have.

When you are in a situation like this — you have to put a roof over your head or you have to — you have to put a roof over the chickens' heads or you have to save your country, you have to look at what you have and then use what you do have. Make do with this.

Well, what do we do with this? By the end of the show, I will show you how you can reverse this.

Then on Thursday night, I'm going to be out in Pittsburgh. And I'm doing a live show there and they're beaming it via satellite throughout movie theaters all across the country. And it's to go over this book, which I worked really long and hard on over a year. I don't know how many people we had working on it, maybe 30 people.

This is the beginning of the answer. And I want to have a little town hall meeting with you. So, if you happen to have the time and you can afford to the go to the movie theater on Thursday night, will you please join me? I'm going to have town hall meeting. I'd like to explain what do we do, what do we do.

Before we break — one more thing that I'm going to add to this list and I'll do it next.


BECK: All right. There is another piece of the perfect storm. This is what is happening to our country. And this is going to be the solution in a minute.

But there is another piece because this really is — this is — this is the enemy within. The enemy without, we've been fighting now for quite some time, it's Al Qaeda. And they have now vowed to destroy us by 1,000 paper cuts. They call it "operation hemorrhage." Bleed us to death.

But there is — there is something you need to understand. They don't mean body count. They don't mean our actual blood. They're not — they're not doing that. They're now going to cause maximum economic damage.

I want you to look at their words. "Our objective is not maximum kill but to cause a hemorrhage in the aviation industry, an industry that is so vital for trade and transportation between the U.S. and Europe."

Why? Why? Because they understand that our mortar is materialism. We'll kill each other if we take our stuff away. Can't let that happen.

They have realized they cannot defeat us militarily and our main weakness is the economy. And they can pit each other — we can — everybody is pitting us against each other, but the same way, rich versus poor. And they're going to keep cutting and cutting and cutting until there's nothing left to cut anymore. They will not stop until every last drop of our economic blood has dripped out.

But they're not the only ones who are cutting at us this way. We've shown you all the anti-free market radicals who have gone from afraid to show their face to being in and around the White House and this administration and they are actively seeking to crumble the free market system and rebuild it as a socialist utopia.

I don't know — I don't know why anybody in the media doesn't find this important. They'll talk about the military. They'll talk about, oh, there's another Timothy McVeigh some place. But they will never talk about these people. Why? Why?

More of these like-minded people showed up at a convention in L.A. earlier this month. It was the Party of Socialism and Liberation Conference. Nobody is showing this on TV.

Let me show you the highlights. Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We must kill capitalism or it's going to kill us. The working class will fight because it must. The question is: will there be a revolutionary party present available with trained organizers and cadres to take advantage of that struggle, to take advantage of that moment and build for a fight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From the south, into the trailer parks, the ghettos, the barrios and prisons, and anywhere workers are and organize and to unite based on their class interest and overthrow the capitalist class.


BECK: Do you understand this? They are looking for pawns!

Into the trailer parks and the prisons, and they're going to use class warfare. We've got our administration pitting the poor against the rich and you have people on the streets that they are connected with. Bottom up, top down, inside out. You get as many pawns as you can.

We told you on this program that this administration is using a lot of the tactics first devised by the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground used the same strategy back in the 1960s, except they didn't do rich versus poor. Instead they used race — race — to get their pawns. But that's being played as well.

This is from the 1960s. Quote, "Blacks have been oppressed and held in inferior social position as a people. They have a right to decide, organize and act on their common destiny as a people apart from white interference."

By the way, in 1970, if you were black in America, you had a better chance of getting college education in America than white man did in Great Britain. Did you know that? Why?

That's 1969. Let me show you this. Today, Marxists, they're not hiding anymore.

A Marxist in North Carolina told the technician online Web site,
quote: "It's power we have got to change. It's not just giving stuff out. It's about power.

That's our struggle. It's a fight for power. Right now, we see who has all the power in our country, ands it's the corporate elite which is mainly white men."

There you got it. So, where does that leave us? It leaves us here — pawns versus defenders. Not defenders of capitalism, but defenders of freedom — the defenders of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America, ask you friends and neighbors. What do we progress past? What is a higher ideal than all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights — life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Tell me what is a grander idea than that?

Which one are you? You may say you're not a pawn. Be very careful.

Are there enough defenders? Or are there more pawns? See, our enemies need pawns. Why? Because they're wildly outnumbered.

How many Al Qaeda members do you think there really are in America? How many? I mean, I know we left the border open for 10 years, but how many?

How many communists are there — 5,000, 100,000? Let's be generous, let's say there's 5 million. That leaves well over 300 million people to defend.

We outnumber them. They lose, except - except if you are a pawn and you're used. Remember what he said? Are there enough to organize and capitalize on it. We lose if there are too many pawns. How do you make pawns? You make sure there is a lack of education.

Why was it illegal to help a slave learn how to read? Because if they could read, they could figure it out. Too many people — too many people don't have any idea that we gained our independent from Great Britain in 1776. Too many people get their news from Comedy Central.

Did you ever hear your mother or father say, "Oh, I get my news from Johnny Carson?" That's a comedy show. This is an opinion show. There is news on this network as well. Know the difference.

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