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Somebody asked me -- in fact, Joe, my head researcher asked me right before, he said, "Glenn, why does it matter? If your vote -- why -- how does your vote count? Why go out and vote if it's not going to come down to one person?" For instance, we live in New York. Really? Joe, I wonder who's going to win governor tonight?

Here's why -- because doesn't it send a message when you see the voter turnout in Iraq? When you see 75 percent, 80 percent, 90 percent of the people who have their lives threatened and they will go out and vote -- it sends a message to the politicians in Washington: Don't you dare me to take me for granted. I am paying attention and we are involved. You have to come through us.

Through their negative ads, they want to discourage you. But you are anything but discouraged.

On my first day here at Fox News, it was nearly two years ago, it was January 19th, 2009. It was the day before President Obama's inauguration. I remember thinking after the election, in fact, the day after election, that it was great. I did a monologue or two on the radio. People were very upset -- at least in my audience -- that Barack Obama won.

And I said, first of all, we've just elected our first African- American president in our history and it has gone off without a hitch. That is something to celebrate. We've changed as a nation. It ain't the 1960s anymore.

hen I also said at the time, this election is going to wake people up because John McCain is a progressive. Had John McCain won the election, most likely we'd still be asleep. I believe John McCain and Barack Obama were taking us to the same place, except one was walking or maybe on a steam train from time to time; the other is taking us in a spaceship.

One of my very early shows here on Fox, I continued to warn as I did on the other network, of a possible economic trouble ahead. Here's what I said.


BECK: Today, I want to start with the most urgent threat. And that's the economy. Despite what you might hear from television and talking heads, this crisis, I believe, is far from over. We aren't even close to the beginning of the end yet. It's more like we're nearing the end of the beginning.


BECK: There were warnings before that. With five days to go before the election in 2008, Obama used language like "the fundamental transformation of America." In his first press conference while still president-elect, he talked about the need for stimulus, and regulation, and green cars. I'll get to green cars as soon as I get the flying car.

Talking about it was one thing. But once the dominoes began to fall, the reality of what we were really facing began to set in with you, the American people. The stimulus bill that no one read, no one even knew who wrote it.

I remember walking in to the kitchen one day, back at my studios, and I was talking to the news people, and I said, OK, guys, who wrote this? They said, I don't know, congressman. I said, no, no, no. Somebody else wrote this. This is far too complex. How did they write it? How long did it take to write it?

Well, nobody even asked who wrote it, except us. It got jammed through. Massive bailouts came, talk of a giant health care bill started up -- suddenly, stopping this big government onslaught seemed like a monumental and, quite honestly, impossible task. They were overwhelming the system.

Many people felt like giving up. It was at that point that -- this is about two years ago now -- that I took a call on the radio show that opened my eyes. I played it that night on television. Here it is in part.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE CALLER: I really tuned out. Not a magazine, not a paper, nothing. I mean nothing. The only thing I have in the background is you and Rush, as background music for major headlines.

I didn't even know we've -- Israel, you know, was tossing bombs around to the Palestinians. I knew nothing about that. So, one day, I saw a headline when I went to buy some gum. I really tuned out I think a little more than you think. I am one of the zombies that I complained about for 20 years and I'm one of them now.


BECK: This guy said, "I've given up." I made him promise not to give up, to give me a few days. Well, that call inspired the "You Are Not Alone" special, which we aired. And it was a monumental and highly watched special. We -- our aim, our goal was to show people that they were not alone. The conservative values were not dead, that we had to stop talking about politics.
The 9.12 Project was launched and amazing things started to happen. On September 12th, six months later, thousands gathered in Washington for the biggest rally of its kind -- certainly the largest for small government conservatives. Most people had never taken part in anything like this. It began to take on a life of its own.

At the same time, the Tea Parties were springing up all over the country. Even though the media openly mocked with the hilarious jokes about the teabaggers, you persisted. You never gave up. You kept coming to your local town and you kept standing in your local squares.
Even though the media did their best to mock you, ridicule or ignore you -- remember, TIME magazine, the Year in Pictures, none of these were even mentioned. It's so amazing to me.
Even though that happened, you persisted. You weren't discouraged. You never gave up.
Even though they threw health care at you, you stood up. You talked to your representatives at your town halls. Some people got beat downs but you kept standing up. Some people had their fingers bitten off by the union thugs -- you stood your ground. They called you every name under the sun.


BECK: And while that happened, I started telling you about 8.28. This is the logo of Restoring Honor. August 28th, 2010, I'm going to be on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and we are going to talk about honor, our Founders, Washington, Lincoln, and who we really are. There's not going to be one word of politics in it. I invite you to be there, to restore honor to this country because that will solve all of it.


BECK: All the Black Panthers said they were going to show up. Unions went crazy. The media went crazy. Al Sharpton marched, you know, on the other side of the trees.

But you came. You were not afraid. You gathered in a way that could not possibly be ignored.

Once mocked, once considered an easy target, once called racist bigots, hate mongers, terrorists -- you were an easy target for the establishment just to gobble up and spit out. But you turned the tables. Now, powerful, they're crawling to you today.

The Democrats and the GOP initially said it would be bad thing to create a third party. You don't want a Tea Party thing. That would be bad.

Really? Really? Was it?

They said it would be better to work within the party and go through the primaries. OK. Good point. Let's do it. Let's do it.

Because Teddy Roosevelt started a third party, it was called a Bull Moose Party. It was the first progressive party. It failed. He lost.

So, the progressives went inside both parties. Oh, have they failed?
The Tea Party decided to go through the primary process. And in many cases, they won and won with huge margins.
The establishment kicked and screamed, in some cases threatening not to support the candidate who won the primary, because it wasn't their hand- picked candidate. You don't know. You guys are too stupid.

Look at Joe Miller in Alaska. Lisa Murkowski refused to step down. She's now running as a write-in candidate.

In Delaware, the GOP did everything they could to defeat Christine O'Donnell, even after she won the primary, beating out GOP favorite Mike Castle.

But you stood your ground.

Even Charlie Crist in Florida is like, "Oh, no, I'm a life-long Republican." Really? Are ya?

Well, guess who had to relent? They did. Not you.

Why? Because you actually believe in something. See, that's what they don't understand. You're not going to beat the American people when they are locked in to values and principles. They're not going to beat them because they will not sit down.

They'll sit down for politics, for political reasons. They'll sit down for a lot of reasons, but not for values and principles. No.

At the end of the day -- in fact, at the end of this day, it is you -- you, the individual American, that has the real power.

Two days ago -- sorry, two years ago we had forgotten that. We had been so beat down by corruption and money and everything else that we felt powerless to do anything about it. We didn't even know how our system worked. Most of us didn't even know our history two years ago.
Think of where you have come from. Think about what you've known. Think about what you've accomplished. Think of what you taught yourself. How many books have you read in the last two years?

Powerful labor unions, special interest groups, rich billionaires, George Soros! You're standing against George Soros. Powerful career politicians -- how do you go up against that and continue to stand?

Maybe someday, somebody will write a book about that because you did. And it all started one voice at a time, saying, no -- no, I'm not alone. And even if I am, I'll stand and speak, because it's the right thing.

Today -- today is the day that Americans, unlike any other place in the entire world, prove that one voice matters. When Americans come together, and unite on common principles -- oh, yes, we can. Change.

But what does that change look like? Here it is. New poll shows 75 percent of Americans feel they are worse off since the last election. That's higher than it has been on the eve of any midterm election since the question was first asked in the mid-1970s. Oh, so, it might be a significant change tonight.

Some are saying this is an election that is a referendum on Obama. Some say it's not.

You know the phrase, "All politics is local." Well, I think this is the one time where those two ideas, referendum on Obama and all politics are local -- intersect.

Let's go through a couple of races here for you. Let's start in Wisconsin. That's the birthplace of progressivism. It is probably the most progressive place in the country.

In fact, it's where Joel Rogers, the professor of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Joel Rogers, he’s the wizard, the guy behind the curtain, big brains behind many of the things pushed by the president and the Tides Foundation. George Soros again.

He's the guy who started the New Party, the socialist party that decided that they would eat the Democratic Party alive if they had to. They would destroy them. Oh, and they have.

He also started the Apollo Alliance. That's the group that we found out wrote the stimulus bill. Harry Reid verified that.

Apollo Alliance, that's the Tides Foundation. That's George Soros.

So, now, let's see how progressive ideas are working out in Wisconsin. Well, since the fabulous Joel Rogers stimulus passed, they have lost only 84,700 jobs. That's it. They had 19,109 property seized due to foreclosures.

But the good news is they rank ninth in the country for tax burden. So, they get a lot of taxes, too. Isn't that great?

In 2008, Obama won the state 56 to 42. His approval rating there now is 48 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove -- 56 percent of progressive Wisconsin wants to repeal the health care law. It is so bad that local politicians passed on appearing with the president at a recent rally at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Notice Joel Rogers isn't anywhere to be seen here either. He's always lurking in the shadows. No politicians here -- even Russ Feingold from the McCain-Feingold bill. If only we got rid of both of them this time around.

Russ was the one who skipped the rally. You think he would have skipped it in ‘08?

No. Feingold's seat was considered safe earlier this year. But now, the progressives have done what they did under Woodrow Wilson, they have spooked the American people. They know what they are.

I guess attempts to label an opponent as ambitious businessman for Russ aren't resonating. I mean, when did ambition become a bad thing?

Now, let's move to Colorado. Colorado is another deep blue state. It is now. It's the birthplace, however, of something near and dear to Obama's heart: Organizing for America. They had the Democratic convention there.

But it wasn't always a blue state. Less than 10 years ago, it was a solid conservative state.

So, what happened? Well, this happened. This is "Blueprint." You should read this book. "Blueprint: How the Democrats won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care)."

It tells in great detail how a group of rich progressives -- I wonder spooky dude is involved -- over the course of five years, we're able to literally turn the state on its head by the 2006 election cycle. Just two years ago, everyone in the progressive circle is saying you got to look to Colorado. We got to do this all across the country.

They use progressive groups to boot establishment Republicans with progressive policymakers. They successfully put in structure that -- I mean, turned the whole state Democrat. It was a stronghold. How's that working out for you?

Since the stimulus passed, the state has lost only 93,400 jobs -- 7,200 in the last three months alone; 35,345 foreclosures during the same time. Obama won the state by nine points in '08. Now, his approval is 47 percent.

Tom Tancredo, a Republican, joined the race in August to run against the Republican as a third party candidate and he is now in a dead heat for governor. It's never been done before.

The Senate race between Republican Ken Buck and Democrat Michael Bennet is in a dead heat, with the Republican having a slight advantage in the polls.

Also in Colorado, the Republican Scott Tipton has a slight lead on Democrat John Salazar.

Let's go to California. I mean, I don't have to tell you how progressive California is. Their massive fiscal crisis is a tell-tale sign of progress.

They're sporting 12.4 percent unemployment rate, third highest in the country. They have the second worst tax climate for business in the country and they're so desperate for cash now -- gee, I wonder if these things are -- no, I'm sure it's not.

They actually started releasing prisoner’s early, even violent criminals, in order to save money. This is a state that says, we're going to have to release prisoners -- they do it.

They have lost 592,000 jobs since Obama signed the stimulus package. Now, that is progressive bliss.

Senator "Don't call me ma'am because I work really, really hard to destroy business and release violent criminals," Senator Barbara Boxer or "Babs" as I like to her, has been in Congress since 1983. Does term limits come to mind? She won by 20 points in 2004. Now, oh, she's hanging on by her pretty little jet-setting fingernails.

She's hanging on against Carly Fiorina. CNN poll has it her within five points. Real Clear Politics says its close enough to call at it toss-up.

And you weren't thinking about voting today? Get off the couch. One last state, Nevada. When the stimulus was signed by Harry Reid, they had 10.1 percent unemployment. Now, with the stimulus, 14.4 percent - - number one in the country. We're number one. We're number one.

Let's be honest, it's a little sad that Harry Reid selling point for reelection is how indispensable he is for saving jobs. Remember, he said the whole world would be in chaos if it weren't for him.

The people of Nevada are making it quite clear he's pretty dispensable. Yes. He's losing a tight race against Sharron Angle. Nobody even knew who she was. She's up an average of 2.7.

Think of this, Harry Reid, one of the most powerful people in the world, losing to this chick. I mean, even if it's close. Who is she?

Regardless of what happens with the results, remember how far you've come. If I would have told you that Harry Reid would be bested or almost bested by some chick you've never heard of, you'd say, oh, please! You would have laughed me out of the building.

But remember, this is just the first step. Progressives have spent 100 years building this unsustainable structure -- 100 years. And they lost the first election they tried it.

There's a lot of work to be undone. The first step is to vote. If you have voted, would you do me a favor right now? Would you pick up the phone and call a neighbor, call a friend.

This is a buddy system. We're all tied together. Ah! Is this a collective voting thing? Obama must be for that.

You need to make sure that everyone you know is voting. Even in places where you don't think your vote is going to count. Show them in numbers we're paying attention.

Now, Fox News is having all the election coverage starting tonight. I think the polls start closing here in about 40 minutes. I think the first polls start closing in about 40 minutes. They're going to have all kind of coverage tonight, all of the experts.

I'm doing something a little different. While you are watching Fox News, I want you to get your laptop and join me for my election coverage. I'll be on "Insider Extreme" at with all of my experts.

Let's just say that mine might get a little more giddy. But you don't want to miss it, at That coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. And last time I think we did this in 2006 or 2008, it went until 4:00 a.m. It's a little different and fun.

Join me,, "Insider Extreme" -- 7:00 p.m. tonight at

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